Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week 4

Hi Family!!!
How are all of you?! I love getting such fun mail from you all!
Well, this week, we traded our old teachers in for two new ones. We were kinda sad about losing both of our teachers because we LOVED them! They were awesome. So if you ever meet a Kevin Prier, or a Patrick Evans, shout out to them. Brother Evans is Uchtdorf's grandson, and looks a lot like scott storrs. I don't know how to spell his name. Anyway. Brother Evans is the FUNNIEST guy ever. One time, my companion was reading his toothpaste tube lable for fun cuz he was bored, and Brother Evans said "Put that toothpaste away and we can yiqi du us some mo er men jing" haha. His chinglish is the greatest thing I've ever heard. One time, a companionship had to go to the bathroom within ten minutes of each other. (one had to go, came back, and then the other had to go) and he positioned himself up the door and was like: "Over my dead body!" haha. Anyway. That's Chen Laoshi.( Same name as us! cool huh?)
The new teachers a re a lot of fun too! It's really stressful with them too. Fan Laoshi is a convert from Taiwan so she has a really heavy Taiwanese accent and talks REALLY fast. The first class with her was the funniest thing ever. She was giving us a lecture when Fan Zhang Lao raised his hand, turned to me and was like: "Should I be doing something?". Whenever any of the elders in our district have a question regarding chinese, they always ask me. Haha, Turns out, only Sister Kang and I knew what was going on the whole time. It really scared some of the Elders in our district. I feel blessed that I had such a great family that helped me be able to know what to do here :). Our other Teacher, Brother Mix (Mao Lao Shi) is really fun too, but absolutely nobody knows what's going on. He speaks slowly, but he has such an amazing vocabulary that we don't know what he's trying to convey to us. I was writing down new words the whole time when he was talking. It's very stressful, but it's good for me. It's pushing to learn SO many more words that I wouldn't have even thought of using before. He also taught us "Fang ma, guo lai" :). Evidently them be fighting words! haha we're not supposed to use them. :)
Ok, so I mentioned Fan zhanglao earlier, but he and his companion are really the two funniest people I have ever met in my life. They definitely keep our stress in check and keep us alive. I love it. His companion's chinese name is Ruan Zhang Lao, so when they come home, they're going to start a 5k called the Fan Ruan. bahahahaha. That was how they intruduced themselves to our new teachers. They were SO confused for about ten minutes before I told them that it was a "hao wan de pao bu" I don't even think that was proper chinese, but the teacher seemed to get it, so I felt pretty productive for a bit. To kinda get to know them, here's another fun experience. Ruan Zhanglao hadn't been getting much mail, so they were both joking about going home if they didn't get a letter. Well, Fan got the only letter for the day and let Ruan read it right when he got it. Anyway. It was a SUPER trunky letter and our class was laughing so hard because Ruan was acting all sappy to Fan. Definitely the goons of our district, but they bring joy to our hearts.
Well, we went to the TRC on Saturday and I saw a TON of people that knew Jeff. They all saw me and were like: "do you have a brother?" yes. I do have a brother. Jeff is quite the popular man here still. Well in the teaching sessions, we taught twice, and all the rooms have cameras so that people can observe the lesson from outside. My companion and I got two recent converts that had just come to America within 5 months ago. My companion didn't know what was going on because they spoke so fast, so I taught the lesson and let him know when he should recite his prepared statement. Well, the whole district was watching us evidently because they ended their lessons early because they had NO idea what the investigators were saying. When we came out, all the districts new that I could speak a bit of chinese and so now, I'm friends with all the districts! haha. Fun huh? I really like the TRC! It's a lot of fun.
The devotionals here are also way awesome! I've learned that the people I've never heard about before are sometimes the funniest speakers. President Samuelson came and gave a talk once, but it was kinda slow and we had a lot of the elders around us start snoring. That was an interesting experience. But this last sunday, president McCiff spoke. He was awesome. He said "learn the wonderful art of making others feel better abouty themselves because they are with you." What a profound statement! I'm trying to do that now! I don't know why I haven't thought of it before! We're supposed to build EVERYBODY up. Make it a PART of you! I can't remember who said this but: "Become what you wish to be by acting as the object of your desire." It's circular, but true. Unless we act like Christ and keep that in our minds, we cannot develop those Christ-like attributes!
The fireside was really good too! My favorite line was "Don't give an inch" The speaker related the story of a captain who was assigned to protect his position at the top of the hill and to "not give an inch", after which, his commanding officer stuck his standard into the top of the hill and told him not to lose that flag. He withstood 3 attacks fromt he enemies before his men were out of ammunition. Because he new the importance of his standard(flag), he told his men to fix their bayonettes and prepare to charge. Because he wouldn't lose that position, he won the battle by shocking the enemy into retreat. What a great example of sticking to our standards! If we budge a bit, we cannot be the representatives of Jesus Christ He has called us to be!
I have a lot to learn still, and I'm so glad I could learn here in the MTC. I love it here. I might be luckier than Vicky! They might accelerate you, but I love it here. I get 6 more weeks than you probably will :). But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be accelerated. The lord needs you out in the field doing his work. I just have a lot more to learn than you do :).
Well, I love you all! I'm greatful for such a wonderful family that has supported me throught my MTC experience SO much! You guys are so wonderful! I'll see you all in two years!!! I'll see you soon!!!!
Elder Chen
ps. Thank you SO much for all of the packages, I'm getting fat though because of all the candy and stuff. :) I've gained 4 pounds!!!! hahahaha. And I LOVE the backpack mom :) I've been using it so much. It's been really helpful here!
Alright, love you all! I hope you all are doing well! my time is up so I'll write you soon.

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