Monday, February 27, 2012


WOW! another week has gone by and next week is transfers! so I won't
be able to email until tuesday.  So just a heads up :D hahaha.  I love
transfers, but I don't want to get traansfered.  It's going to breally
hard this time because I'm afraid that they'll move some of the Elders
from our zone, and that'll make me really sad.

So updates on our zone/mission. President put some of my favorite
missionaries in this zone to get it pumped up and really excited. :D
hahaha.  And it's worked.  EMP (my first area) was known as the
promised land of the mission because they had lots of success there.
Now we have doubled their numbers.  Literally.  Our Zone had 69
lessons this last week... they had 32 (member presents)!!!! The Lord's
work can be done anywhere as long as the missionaries live worthy of
that spirit and expect miracles.  Our zone leaders focused on
expecting miracles, and we've seen them!  Elder Tsai and I Alone
taught more lessons in a month than one of hte other zones :P. yikes.
hahaha.  Elder Tsai is a fireball missionary.  One of my favorite
EVER! hahaha.  we taught 40 member present lessons last month. (this
month we're on track for 70! RISE UP!!!!!)

Anyway, the last picture there is of my FAVORITE missionaries minus
Elder Wilson and ELder Matanasiga (they're in Eight Mile Plains)
Elder Tsai is my companion, Elder Curtis was a professional ballet
dancer.  He danced on the Australian National Ballet Company.  (Child
prodigy, he reminds me a lot of Verina :))  And he's retired from that
now and came on a mission.  He's incredible.  Evidently dancers retire
very early.  He was on national tv and stuff.  anyway.  Next is ELder
Higham! he is THE COOLEST! hahaha, he was on the BYU golf team and is
one of the most BOLD missionaries I have ever met.  He's incredible.
When he talks, you can feel the spirit.  Next is Elder Hadfield, the
biggest stud missionary every.  I've served with him in EMP.  He is an
incredible missionary.  Finally, Elder Bellingham.  My MTC companion.
All around Athlete, and was on the BYU Golf team as well.  He knows
his scriptures SOOOOOO well.  It's amazing.  He has them all memorized
and can recite them as soon as you say the verse.  IT's happened a few

So that is our district.  On p-days we always go to the city or
golfing together.  Elder Higham and Elder Bellingham got clearance
from President to go golfing, because he likes to golf too, and I
learned how to hit the golf ball.  I'm still terrible, but at least I
can hit it :) it's actually a really hard sport. hahaha, Elder Tsai
and I were laughing the whole time beacuse our backs were sore :P
hahahaha.  That was fun.

Well last week, I went on Trade-offs with Elder Curtis and Elder
Hadfield.  They are both AMAZING missionaries.  Elder Curtis has a
very hard zone because it's so big and all their appointments are
fifteen minutes from each other.  When I went there, we went
contacting at the bus stop and guess what!!! I found SO many chinese
people in that area!!!! So I talked to them all, and got their
numbers.  Hopefully Elder Curtis can learn Chinese :P hahahaha.  When
I went on the trade-off with Elder Hadfield, we were in the same area
and it was so funny.  We taught people that I knew better than Elder
Hadfield because he's new in this area hahahaha.  Anyway they were
both really good.

OOOH! I just got your package with the recipes and the curry and
stuff! We were all really excited because we'd all been craving curry
:) hahahahaha.  Inspired timing.  Anyway.  You don't have to send me
planners.  They are the COOLest things in the world, but we get them
for free and Elder Hadfield and I just tape them up so the water
doesn't get through.  It works very well.  Thank you so much though :)
Elder Curtis wanted one so I gave one to him.  Plus I'm supposed to
use chinese planners.  but thank you so much for thinking about me :)
I really appreciate it! :D I really am fine with everything :)

goodness.  hahaha, I LOVE ELDER EVANS!!!! he is the GREATEST!!!! did
you know his dad is a general Authority? well he speaks japanese,
chinese and English really well.  He's the MAN!!!!!!! I didn't know
ELder Nielsen too well, but I've heard so many good things about him.
he was ELder Tsai's father, and Elder Tsai is my Father.  Elder Evans
is my grandpa too. :D hahahaha.  And verina met Jordan!?  WAH!?!?!?!
he came up to me at church and told me that he met my little sister.
I was going crazy anyway.  SOunds like verina isn't lacking in social
life at all.  But if you start dating people..... >:)

I feel like I've been getting really excited a lot lately or having a
lot of heart attacks or something, but Meagan is going to the
Phillipines?!?!?!?! WHOOOOOO! tell her congratulations for me.  I
don't know if she got my letter because the mail is really weird...
but yeah, Verina, could you get me her address? thanks :) she wouldn't
tell it to me hahaha.  But that's super exciting.  I know she's going
to be a fireball missionary.

anyway.  funny story for the week.  We were in Ward Missionary
Correlation and we were discussing a less-active.  We discovered that
nobody knew where she lived or what her number was, which makes it
incredibly difficult to find her.  Anyway, our ward mission leader,
Seth, told us that he sees here every now and then in the library so
we asked him to get her number.  and he was like: "Hey..." in a
very.... strange voice.  It was funny in the moment.... we were
laughing.... I should probably just cut this paragraph out because it
makes no sense, but if you were there, you would have laughed to.

Legitimate funny moment.  When we were golfing, we were just hitting
balls out as far as we could and suddenly we all heard a really high
pitch scream. hahahahaha. it was so funny.  Everybody freaked out and
realized that Elder Curtis was screaming and dancing around because he
finally hit the ball.  Anyway.  He has a really high voice and none of
us could stop laughing.

Elder Tsai this morning just told me that Evidently Elder Nielsen saw
a bird poop on somebody's face... I thought thatw as funny.  Birds are
very violetnt here hahahaha.  I love it.  No jeff, I have not punched
one yet.  Though there are these REALLY UGLY birds going around the
botanical gardens that I've been tempted to punch.  THey have really
long beaks and they're curved.  They dig around in the soil to get
food and stuff... ewwwww.  Not attractive at all.

Thank you all so much for all your supoprt and letters and packages.
I can really feel your love all the way over here.  and I love it!!!
:) I've gotten a bit strange here :P.  During lessons, I can feel the
spirit so strong.  Before the mission, I would NEVER cry.  Ever.  You
know that.  Anyway, for the past bit, I've been so close to crying in
the lessons and it's really crazy!  My vision gets really blurry and I
just feel like laughing.  It's really weird.  But I know that the Lord
is shaping me into an instrument that He can use!  I've seen him work
with some of our investigators as well.  Changing them and making THEM
useful in furthering His work.

An example of this was xiao qian.  I didn't explain why I sent you
that picture last week.  She is my FAVORITE.  We were worried about
bringing her to fellowship, but we felt like we needed to one time.
So we brought her to teach an investigator that has had a rough time
accepting the message.  When we were teaching, xiao qian suddenly came
out and said: "I think your problem is that you're not reading the
Book of Mormon." WOW!!!!!! we all were shocked and then the
investigator admitted that she hadn't been reading at all!  After the
lesson, Xiao Qian was super happy and I could tell that she KNEW.  I
have never seen someone grow so fast.  After she recieved the Holy
Ghost, she became SO intune with the spirit.

The ward is also WONDERFUL in helping us get things done.  As soon as
she was baptized, the relief society jumped on it and went to work
with getting her on to the next big thing.  The temple :) I'm really
excited for her.

I know that this church is true.  I know that the spirit DOES
influence our lives and DOES change our lives.  I hope you all have a
wonderful week. :D keep up the good work.  It sounds like you're all
doing wonderful!


Elder Chen

ps.  Car, Favorite Chinese card in the world.  (random Taiyu card),
Elder Hadfield in the back... stud. and my favorite missionaries :D

those are the pictures :)

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