Tuesday, June 11, 2013


HI GUYS!!!!!
I guess it is a new transfer now and i am currently in...... SUNSHINE COAST for my final transfer with my final companion. His name is Elder Tito.... He's from melbourne and he is THE MAN! hahaha. I'm really excited about spending htis last transfer with him :) hahahah. he's way cool. Well here's the thing with him. He's super duper smart because he is SUPER diligent and stuff. I've never met a misisonary like him. President pulled me out of hte Chinese program for this last transfer and now I'm ou tin the middle of nowhere. SUPER DUPER tired because I've been driving for hte past three hours and yeah..... so now I'm super far from any civilization... haha just kidding. I'm actually pretty close, but yeah... we'll see what happens. I actually still don't know the actual name of the area because it's never popped up on my radar Hahaha. :) it's interesting. hahaha. fun place to be rignt now, but there aren't that many chinese. President heard a rumor that there were a few chinese up here so he sent me here to figure it out. :) hahahaha. I'm not exactly sure how many there will be, but I hope there are going to be HEAPS AND HEAPS AND HEAPS :) otherwise I'll b rather bored here.
Anyway. I actually can't remember much of what has happened in the last week. I guess I'll explain the pictures: well I'm not actually sure which pictures I sent because it doesn't really work very well. I'm only kinda surviviing on this thing :P hahahaha. we'll see how it goes...
SO yeah... evidently there's a population of 22,000 here... that's a fun fact for this area... also.... hmmmm... I don't know. So yeah. Elder Tsai is also an english missionary right now. hahahaha :) OH MY GOSH!!! WE BOTH FINISH AS ENGLISH MISSIONARIES!!!!! I wish I had time to go through the book of mormon in chinese, but it doesn't look like I will have a chance to because I really don't have that much time hahahahaha :) oh well. IT'll be interesting. :) I asked him about hte area and it looks like we're going to be doing a lot of finding here :) hahahaha
Fun fact about this area: THERE ARE NO ASIANS!!!!!!!!! :) hahahahahahahaha
SO! I'm going to work my bum off in this area... I asked them about the area and there haven't been any baptisms here since five or six transfers ago, and I'm follow-up training Elder Tito. I'm really excited about it and stuff, but it looks a bit daunting since I only have 6 weeks left. I'm going to work my bum off, but gosh.... it'll be very interesting...... hahahahahaha. President pulled me aside for a special interview to let me know what's going on in the area.. Evidently he's heard reports that the leadership here isn't too supportive of the mission and he wanted me to come and report on 1: asians 2: The ward.... soooooooooo GOSH!!!!!! whatever.
OH YEAH! and did I mention that he gave us a full-time car?! I've never been an english missionary before!!! I DON"T KNOW HOW TO WORK LIKE AN ENGLISH MISSIONARY!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. maybe we'll try and revolutionize the way missionaries work out here :) hahahahahaha. LOTS AND LOTS OF TRACTING and they don't really have any investigators.... yeah... oh well... we'll keep working.... :) gosh. I'm tired
So yeah.... :) also thanks all of you for all your birthday wishes!!!! :) I'm not exactly sure how much time I've got on here... because it doesn't really show me a clock.... I'm hoping I get an alert when it gets to a few minutes. Sorry I don't really have too much time on this compouter because we just got out of transfers and we had to come and drive for HOURS!!!!! :( hahahaha. so far away from brisbane. We're in such a strange area. We have a massive zone, but they're so far away from each other that it's pretty ridiculous!!!! :) hahahahaha A lot of the areas aren't even allowed to come to zone meeting. Bunderberg (in my district) is five hours away from our flat... O.o hahahahaha. they had to drive 7 hours to get to transfers and they had to pack all their bags because they got white washed. SO MANY areas in the mission got white washed hahahaha. It's pretty interesting. Because of all the isters ocoming into hte mission, we're not all sure where to put them, so they just replace eldres in the areas. This area doesn't like sisters though for some reason... so they put us in there.... Odd....
I love you all! thank you for all the happy birthday wishes!! and good luck with everything :)
Elder Chen

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