Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hi family!!!

This week it is finals... so there are no chinese people out in the streets or anywhere hahahaha :) SO we talked to a lot of interesting apople. hahaha. Well yeah. there are so many strange people out in the world here :P hahahaha. it's too funny tooooo toooo funny. :) Most of the drunk people kinda like us, but there are a lot of them that really DON"T like us hahaha. It's ok though because most of the time we ignore them anyway. so it's fine.  Elder Tsai got blessed by a man with the gift of tongues so that was pretty exciting. Elder Bingham, Elder nelson and I were just watching and laughing... it was pretty funny. Elder Tsai is the man and he handled it pretty well so it was alright hahaha.  :) he's a very soft guy and isn't very aggressive at all so he is very godo in those situations.  He doesn't like to offend anybody :) hahahahaha

ALRIGHT! Shout-outs!!!! first of all

Well this week, there were a few intersting things that went down. We went to The Huang Family's house again to eat, and they KILLED A CHICKEN FOR US!!! hahaha. here's apicture of Brother Want cleaning the chicken for us! :) hahaha and then Sister huang cooked San Bei Ji!!!! SOOO DELICIOUS! but it was really spicy as well. ) but here's a picture of the chicken! :) hahaha

the other pictures are of the IOC (Isle of Capri) elders in our district. Elder Bingham's family always takes awkward pictures like that and so yeah... hahahahaha it's so funny. we call it the Bingham Family Foto! so the BFF hahahaha excuse my poor spelling. my chinese is poor as well. I have digressed in all things :) hahahahahaha

Also this is elder Curtis. He goes home in a week, but he's the MAN!!! he gave up his career to be on a mission. He was a professional ballerina. When I was on tradeoffs with him, he told me all about it. There are like four different levels in a ballet corp and he was a soloist.... soooo HE WAS REALLY GOOD! and he was on the national Australian Ballet corp and is super great. this is a picture of him and a swan we saw on the tradeoff hahaha. i took videos because it's a pretty cool area, but then yeah... :) hahahaha it was pretty good. I enjoyed all the different things that went down that day. We met with so many interesting people.

One of the people we met with on that day was a sister who is dating a member. here's the fun part. She's a professional Fighter and beats her boyfriend up sometimes ;) hahahahahaha but they're funny. one time they got in a fight and yeah.... hahahaha she won. ANYWAY! she's changing so she doesn't beat him up anymore :) she's really really nice and happy and bubbly. hahaha :)

AND for some reason, recently, I've given so many people my phone number and told them to call or text if they are interested (always leave something behind) and three people have called/texted!!! unfortunately, they're super duper busy with all their tests and exams and stuff so they won't be able to do anything for a while. there was one that is super duper humble and has felt like she hasn't had church in her life for too long, and so she wants to come back and had heard of mormons before but had never had a chance to ever take a look at a mormon church. Missionaries had come to her school before and talked to the student body, but yeah.... now she finally met missionaries. unfortunately, we can't actually teach her.... we have to give her to the other missionaries... :(

but yeah... time is running down, but love you all!!!!! Hope you have a great week!!!!

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