Wednesday, May 1, 2013



So this week was week one in the gold coast. Wee actually have no investigators so we found lots and lots and lots and lots and lots :) and there are no chinese people here... so... yeah. We found lots of referrals for all the english areas around us but that's about it. :) hahahaha. so we're still going to find lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots. which is really boring, and I'm kinda sick of that bus stop especially since it's just a tent with a few benches. SOOO we're going to go try tracting :D hahahaha. But the weird thing is everybody down here is japanese or korean... so. yeah. hahaha. we got a sister from korea in the area next to us, so we just plan on giving all of the referrals over to her. That'll be a fun one hahahaha.

HOWEVER we did find a really cool japanese girl that we're teaching. Since we had so much time finding, I decided that I wasn't going to be racist and decided to talk to everybody :) not just my good chinese and taiwanese friends :) hahaha. AND I talked to Shuko! she is the GREATEST! ever hahahahaha :) most of the japanese just want to talk to us because of english or to have a good friend or something or they're lonely, but she's really cool. When we sat down and set expectations with her for the first time, she was like: oh, I like to meet new friends... :) hahahaha. and then I asked her if she was interested in church, and she was like: YEAH! ABSOLUTELY!!! I Want to go to church! we were kinda weirded out because she was so enthusiastic about it, but as the lesson continued she told us of how there were so many sad things in japan and it helped her realize that God was their and it made sense to her that god was her Heavenly father... too bady my japanese is terrible. but I'm not called to speak japanese so that's ok. NExt time we'll bring this sister called sister Parker who is STRAIGHT from japan :) hahahahaha

Sister parker is really cool because whenever she sees us, she'll give us some random piece of food or whatever she has in her bag that she just bought hahahaha. bread, cereal etc. it's usually really humble stuff, but we LOVE her SOOOO much. she's fantastic. She's willing to do anything for the Lord :)

OK. So also this week we found at the bus stop

AND we went to the temple. we had to wake up at 4 to get ready to get on the train to get up to brisbane to make it on time for the session. I"M STILL OSOOOOOOOO TIRED!
ANYWAY! we're still finding so there really isn't too much to report on. hahahaha :) honestly. I wish there was more. A lot of the families saw me at stake conference and jumped on me hahhahaha. then some of them fed me the next few days :P it was funny.

ANYWAY! I hope everything is going well for all of you, there were only a bunch of drunk annoying people this week, hopefully we'll be able to do more fun things next week :) hahahaha JIA YOU!!!!


Elder Chen

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