Sunday, May 19, 2013


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!! :) It was sooooo good skyping you! I had a whole list of things to tell you, but I seem to have fortgotten them as I was talking to you on the phone, so it was rather depressing as we were going. hahahahaha. oh good. well the person next to me is watching some kind of medical thing and it's really gross but it looks soo cool. :) hahahaha I am so excited!!!!! :) hahahaha.

OK. well this week, it seems that everybody has a bunch of investigators that are asking really crazy weird questions like, who is Joseph's real father? (like in the bible), How come there is iron in the book of mormon when there wasn't iron in that time period.... hahahah etc. hahahaha. but yeah. those were some fun ones. a few of them asked about time stuff, but yeah.  ALSO OH MY GOODNESS THERE HAVE BEEN SOME CRAZY FUN THINGS!!!!!!

There was this one crazy guy in the middle of the bus stop. I talked to him and he was rather friendsly, and then I left, and then ELder Tsai went to go and talk to him and then he was super duper angry and started speaking in tongues and yeah... it was really interesting. hahahaha so we left the bus stop.

OK ALSO We ran into this korean lady that was actually french!!! :) hahahaha. so strange talking to somebody with that kind of accent but didn't look likje it at all hahahaha :) OH and I ahve a lot of pictures for you all this week

First of all SHOUT OUTS!!!! :) hahahaha. GO MOM AND DAD! you two are looking super healthy and happy! that's good for you! nobody believes that you're my parents ahhahaha. I showed the family picture to one of our member families and she was like: Which one is your mom? :) HAHAHAHA. and dad looks super happy! :) GOOD ON YOU!!! :) hahahahaha  Either mom looks really young or Vicky and Verina look really old :) hahahaha. I vote for the first one
Alright well we started teaching another vietnamese girl.... ONCE AGAIN!!! NO CHINESE PEOPLE HERE!!! hahahaha. if you can't tell I wish there were more chinese people here in Gold Coast. there's been talk of removing and stuff to different areas and see what happens in different circumstances...  hahaha.

One of my recent converts, after peike-ing for another set of chinese missionaries told me that the other missionaries have a really different teaching style from me because they can actually speak chinese hahahaha. BUT I think it's a good thing that I can't really speak chinese too well. Because I can't speak that well, I have to ask them a lot of questions so that they can explain it themselves. It really helps to be with Elder tsai because he can speak chinese and fully understand their concerns, but I can't :) hahahaha. and my zhuanshi is OSOOOOOOO strong :) hahahaha. oh dear. but for some reason when I talk to taiwanese people it goes way. ;) hahaha
ALSO this week, i was following up on one of my former investigators the first time I as in this area and she called immediately after and told me that she was thinking about going back to church, but wasn't sure if she should when I called her. she also had a lot of oquestions that were so easily asnwered by the gospel!!! it was AWESOME!!!!!!!

Well, I love you all, I don't have TOOOOo much time to email you all, but I have to get to you all these pictures so I'm going to send them in multiple messages because they all won't fit :) hahahaha. I probably should've put them in order so I knew exactly what I was sending you.... actually, you know what? I think I SHALL :) buwahahahahahaha


This is Michelle!!! Elder Tsai and I baptized her a while ago She's from vietnam... those glasses are worth 250$ AMerican.... O.o

Elder Curtis, ELder Tsai, Michelle and I. Elder Curtis, and all the zone Leaders and three of the AP's all die within the next three transfers...... O.o selfish president :P hahahahahahahah everybody is so worried for when that happens because yeah....

Surfboard in surfers paradise. :)

THIS IS MINH!!! she is from vietnam! She iS GOLDEN!!! :) hahahaha. but goes back to vietnam in June BAPTIZE

And right after the lesson, we were walking in the rain :) it was really rainy

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