Sunday, May 19, 2013


HI EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!! Mother's day is coming up so I think I'm going to call you on my monday around 9 or 10 am because that's about the same time as I usually skype right? :) hahaha, that's like 4 or 5 for you?? :) ok :) only if that's ok hahaha, if necessary, I'll have on of the members in this area correlate that with you because We'll just make sure that I want to skype you at the right time :) hahahaha  YAY! THE LAST TIME TO SKYPE HOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! :) ok. I'm not trunky. I promise. I'm going to finish my mission strong over here. sadly, recently it's not been going too hot because my timing is very poor and all the students are in midterms. Qimo Kaoshi!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO. I don't like it when we start to hear people saying that they're busy studying for tests and stuff because then we know they won't meet with us forever :( and there are no families here so iw on't be able to be like: "NO you don't have qimokaoshi because you're not a xuesheng!!!!" bahahahaha.

OK. anyway. this week, still finding. we found af ew fun people, but like I said, the qizhong kaoshi's are killing us. hahahaha :) it's fine though. we're just plugging along. we find a lot of referrals for the english elders. anybody that looks remotely white has to be given to them so we don't "waste time" on people we're not specifically designated to teach. :) hahahahaha YEH! anyway. so... yeah. that was basically the summation of hte week. people were like: WOAH! HOW DO YOU FIND SO MUCH?! well that's because there is nobody here to teach :) bahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha.  EXCEPT JAPANESE AND KOREAN PEOPLE!!!

ANYWAY! OK. so this is a longer story: :) hahahaha IN EMP, I found and started teaching this sister named Jane. Before I left, I let Elder Lee teach her (which made him super duper happy hahahaha because he hadn't baptized for 8 months prior) He baptized her and then I got transfered. Well this week, she came to Isle of Capri gold coast and she was like: OH. I KNOW WHY YOU MOVED! and iw as like... ok.... who told you? and she was like: OH... I can't tell you. and i asked if it was elder lee and she said that she was butai shou with him, ahhaha. anyway. yeah. she wrote a poem for me and it was really awkward... and so yeah.... :) I' here
I'm learning french!!!!!!! and we're out of toilet paper so we have to buy some today. hahaha that was an awkward realization.
sorry it was a short week. I'll plan on skyping you at 9 australian time :) if that changes, I'll let you know!! THANKYOU!!!!!!
elder chen

we had a little photo booth thing :)
On the bus there was this little girl and we played games with her to keep her amused because she was being mean to her nanny hahaha she's so cool
and these are the missionaries/return missionaries/going on a mission today from our ward :) hahahahaha

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