Sunday, May 19, 2013


GOOD MORNING FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok. so this is another week that was actually slow again. This area seems to be rather depressing during midterms and finals. we had a little bit of a break between the two seasons because they have a week between the last midterm and the first final.  It's really interesting. I don't really like the whole concept of tests here because it destroys our work :P hahaha. The students are all here to study and they don't like reading anything other than their materials or else they feel like they're wasting their time so they disappear for a few weeks and then reapear. :P hahaha it's interesting in this one. In EMP the people actually just lived in their houses and had emmigrated over :) hahaha. oh well. LOTS of working holiday visa people :P hahahahaha.

Though there WAS one really cool experience we had :) hahaha. it wasn't so much cool as it was funny. we were at the bus stop talking to random people one time and it was so funny because the bus stop is right next to a really nice bar restaurant thing so we'll usually avoid it when there are lots of people drinking there haha. Well this one time, there was a group of three gentlemen that were yelling "JEHOVAH'S!!" at us from the bar and so we decided that it wasn't a very good environment for us so we were going to hop on the next bus out of that area so we could keep finding. anyway. well the security guard came down and told us that one of the patrons wanted to have a word with us and said that it wouldn't be a problem because he was the security and would kick them out. so we went over to the window and started talking to them and it was really weird.... :) When we were talking with them, they just kept asking us about stuff like the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and stuff... it was interesting. :) hahahaha. and then they told us that they wanted to sign up for it, and we told them that they had to give up stuff... it was pretty funny hahahahahahaha. :) they were pretty cool. anyway... at the end, it turns out they were gay... soooo.. yep.... ok. the end

That was our finding story for this week. other than that, there are a looooooot of american pepole in this area! It's insane howmany of them there area hahahaha :)I don't even know what I'm supposed to do with all of them hahahaha. One day, I contacted 6 of them in a row. one from chicago, new york, new jersey, hawaii, etc. it was pretty fun. :) hahahaha  I'm still not used to the american accent

Also, I discovered that the pen that my recent convert gave me is SOOOOOO expensive!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! hahahaha I was like: THERE IS NO WAY!! hahaha :) so I'm just keeping it hidden. I have ink for it, but I don't think I'm Gaoji enough to use it yet :P hahaha. maybe when you're a doctor Jeff, you can go and use it. :)
Well this week, we met with a few working holiday visa people. mnostly from Japan. They all don't really have any interest in church but they want to practice english.... soo.... yeah. SO many japanese people here. the funnny thing is that they can't speak ANY english at all. hahahaha. Elder tsai set up a lesson with a japanese person and they were so confused the whole time hahahahaha. we tried our japanese on them and then they were like: OOOOOH  KIO KAI!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! hahahahahahahahaha. :) it was so fun. anyway. Elder Tsai reacts sooo funny. when they say no to church he's feels so bad haha. He always feels like he was wasting some time whenever that happes and feels guilty and then works harder :) it's good. when someobdy is SOLID, he's sooooo happy and works even HARDER! he's the man.  I'm gong to have to develop such a hard work ethic like that ;)

 NExt week is interviews with president and I have to renew my temple recommend O.o OH I'm old hahahahahahahaha :) it'll be good.

Elder Chen

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