Wednesday, May 1, 2013


SO I got moved to......... GOLD COAST!!!!!!!!! hahaha. after a whopping 3 weeks in the city, I'm moving :) hahahahahahahahaha. so I'm down in gold coast again, and once again, I am with TSAI ZHANGLAO!!!!!!! Tsai huizhang de erzi. :) hahaha. he's the man. and someone's phone is going off over there, and it's so funny because it's that one "we no speak americano" song that vicky used to listen to back at home to work out :) anyway. the thing with the goldcoast library is that the rightclick button on the mouse doesn't actually work, which makes everything more complicated. why it doesn't work... I actually have no idea......... HOWEVER I'm hoping it works next time. the computer this time kinda freaked out at me and so now.... yeah. :) hahahaha I just replaced elder Johnson down here, and yeah. :) I'm back in black! my skin is going to get SOOOO much darker. I just got a package from you but haven't had a chance to open it because I had to drive down here today and just got here, threw my luggage back in my room (my spot is still the same as last time I was here...) and yeah. :) hahahahahahaha. oh the memories. tooooooo fun.

ALRIGHT so this last week was rather slow all things considered. I started out finding and finished finding. though in the two weeks I was in the city, we CRANKED the work hahahaha :) my planner is so full of potentials I had to insert pages from other planners, and then when that wasn't enough, I had to start writing them into half a column so I could fit double. :) I loved the city, but now, I'm just down here in teh gold coast :) last time I was here, I really didn't know what was going on with missionary work, so We'll see how it goes this time. Once again, there are no investigators here anymore. I seem to be placed in areas where nothing is happening. but that's ok. I like to find. talking to random people is so much fun. there are so many fun stories of finding that I LOVE TO HAVE!!!! :) especially since the gold coast is filled with crazy people :) hahaha. especially the place where we stay. :) Southport is INSANE!!!!!! I remember last year when there was this crazy drunk dude running around yelling at people. and then elder hadfield got hit on by a bunch of drunk girls hahaha. Gold coast is the funnest area to be in :) ahhahahahaha.

Last week, we taught lots of lessons and had these really cooool investigators.  One of our favourites ('m so sad I had to leave) was LIsan... fun name hahaha. she's BBC!!!! hahaha, which just basically means british born chinese. :) so ENGLISH but chinese.... which is why I talked to her in the first place. I was on queen street and I talked to her, then realized she sounded english and vuwala!!! she's english. ANYWAY!!! she was studying dietetics in Mater hill hospital and I asked if she was interested in maybe comeing to church some time, and she was like: YEH!!! I'm willing to try anythying.. ANYWAY first lesson went really well and she was really receptive and she had nothing to do on sunday so she came to church. liked it becasue it was all in english :) hahahaha. I miss sunnybank though. I really liked having hte chinese class even though iw asn't able to go there. :) hahahaha. OKEY BACK TO THE MORAL OF THE STORY! she was really good, like church, but then I got trasnfered... we'll see how she goes. ANYWAY did you know that she has to take the ielts test, which is an english test for international students but she's from ENGLAND!!!!! O.o hahahahaha. cool story. so if I wanted to study abroad I'd have to take an english test! what about that. I don't know if I'd pass right now. My english and chinese aren't very good, so I have to speak chinglish alll the time!!! :) hahaha. people get really frustrated because I switch between the two languages randomly :) hahahahahahaha. toooooooo funny :). one moment I'll be speaking chinese, then I'll switch to english really quick and back hahahah :) they just tell me to stick to one language.

BUT YEAH!!!! ALRIGHT! :) hahahahahahahahaha. so... I'm in new zealand central! :) YEAH! however there are more japanese people here than anything else :) hahahahahahaa. too fun. :) My japanese will improve! there's an Elder nagato here in the mission and he's so funny. I told him that he should come down to gold coast because there are so many japanese people down here, and he was like: I don't actually like speaking japanese :P hahahaha. they're stubborn. and there's a fly in the library and it keeps attacking me :) hahahaha. So yeah. we now have three japanese elders here in the mission. Elder nagato can speak perfect english and japanese, elder tobe can kinda speak english on weekends :P hahaha just kidding. he's alright. Elder Kono can't speak any english at ALLLLLL! hahahaha :) it's so funny to watch him have a conversation with people because he's so lost :) it's ok though. I'm sure they'll feel of his beautiful spirit :P hahaha OH MY GOODNESS I CANNOT STAND THIS COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!

Alright, another investigator that we stumbled across is a girl named EMILY! she's from korea and is super duper cool. she said she's believed in Jesus since a long time ago, but hasn't really decided on a specific religion to follow because none of them really clicked with her :) hahahaha. so she's looking. she came to church and I offered to find a ride for her but she just got there by herself!!! :) COMMITTED! it's hard to get from place to place here in australia because everything is so far spread apart and they just get really confusing with the roads and the bus system. :) hahahahaha. TERRIBLE PLANNING BY THE WAY! :) hahahahahaha. OH gosh. it's good though.

OK Elder Williams WAS THE MAN!!!!!! he's from idaho, and he was super quiet, but turns out that he actually does parkour!! :) isn't that cool? anyway. when I was with him for the first week, he actually landed a flip wrong (Sorry, yes we were making him do some flips) and hurt his shoulder, which didn't really effect the work, but it ended up bruising and stuff hahahahahahahaha. oh my goodness.  it looked soooo gross. :) it was kinda yellow ish bruising and stuff. he's fine though don't worry. He's the man. He's way cool. Sometimes he gets distracted and stuff, but he's got good intentions and really does want to help and be a good kid. :) but he's crazy :) hahahahhahahaha. the man. i'm going to miss serving with him.

so yeah, you know how I said that I was going to end up dying in the city... I guess not :) I'm going to move dwon to gold coast, and then I'll move somewhere else... and then yeah.. hahahaha. I'm not even going to try and guess what's going to happen here :)

So these are some of our investigators :) two chinese scholars visiting from... CHINA :) hahahahaha. they were looking for service opportunities. one of them wanted to become a bishop when they heard that the bishop had a full-time job off to the side :)_ h ahahahahaha. It's a strange concept for them, but they like it. unfortunately they are both women so they cannot hold the preisthood ;( which kinda makes us sad. we want to baptize more men. Whatever happens in brisbane will be good. I'm just going to see what happens down here in Gold coast and make things happen here. we'll see who has enough epople for a ward first :) hahahaha. i'm not actually sure what we're even working with here. Elder tsai said that all their investigators just died :P ahhahahahahahahaha OH NOOOOOOOO :)

Well, I love you all, I hope you're all doing FANTASTIC!!!!!!!


Elder Chen

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