Monday, July 1, 2013


HELLO!!!!! :) hahahaha Hi family! :) how have you all been? :)
So this was a rather sad week, all things considered... President Langeland goes home On the 30 of June, and hte new mission president comes in and meets him for a few hours and then they're off and away :) hahaha so yeah... that's what's happening there... So I'm a little sad about it, but yeah... these things happen.... oh well. :) hahaha. we will miss them but then we'll be all goods.
Since it was a short week, pday on wednesday and all :) so last week, we just had a special training from president and sister langeland. it was really sad because it was basically a farewell. I won't be able to see them again :( sadly.... oh well. and then here are some pictures :) I think I sent you ap icture of the elevator. we have an office here for the stake president and we use it all the time for zone meetings and such :) hahaha it works really well and it's in a really convenient place. I wish the church put the church building in such a convenient place. it's pretty annoying getting investigators to church, but hte office is really easy because you can just get off the bus, walk across the street and go up two floors :) rather convenient. and some of our members didn't really know it was there until some of them had to get some blood drawn... saw the icon... hahahahahah oh too funny. :) hahahahaha. ANYWAY!
The next pictures should be of some kangaroos... after a lesson, we saw a bunch of htem in the field wandering around. it seems that htey like to do that... hahahaha. it's good. I like them.  They're really comon, but these were a lot more docile than usual. I got pretty close, but didn't want to maket them aggressive at all... so yea.... hahahahaha.
AND HTEN LAST PICTURES WITH PRESIDENT AND SISTER LANGELAND :( :( :( :( oh well... I will se ethem again.. I think president langeland will always be president to me no matter what his calling. I think he should go 70's.... :) he's hte man. ELder Henderson... the new mission president should be really good as well. :) hahahaha
Then the next pictures should be of our area... we were tracting and this is our area :) hahahah tada! I think it's a bit too remote for any chinese to come up here.... hahaha it's good though. I started laughing when I saw the area we were tracting... there is NOBODIES HEREEEEE! :) hahahaha. but it's a good amount of fun :) hahahahaha. we get to take pictures and stuff.
haha. alright. so this week, (this is how disorganized the ward is) they ahd no speakers arranged for sacrament meetings.... sooooooo.... they called hte missionaries to fill up a long time. :) we had a lot of time to fill and elder tito wasn't really excited so he told me he'd take up 5 minutes and I'd have to finish the meeting. anywya. when I was talking, I kinda felt like I was just going and going and going. it was a really good feeling. I didn't really have to pause to think or anything. ANYWAY. After the talk, some of the members told me they enjoyed the talk (like normal... they always do that regardless of how good the talk was) BUT THEN people started inviting us over to dinner... nobody has invited the missionaries out to dinner in AGES in this ward.... but now they're inviting us! exciting huh? anyway....
The story continues! :) this week, as we were visiting members (because we don't know any of the members even though tito has already been here for 4 months) they all remembered the talk and we were recieving referals like CRAZY!!!!! hahaha. at one house we recieved 2 really good referalls that had already been to church and stuff... just none of hte missionaries had taught them. they were both families of 4 and I have NO idea why they haven't been contacted yet so we've got our work cut out for us this week.
:) It shows the power of humility :) hahahahaha oh my goodness. I love working with wards that are excited and willing to go out and work :) the referrals and missionary work havce been piling up in this ward for ages and there haven't been any misisonaries htat were willing to go out and contact them.  THey all focused on the misison standard of 14 hrs of finding, but didn't htink to look towards the area of the work where we can be most productive!!!!!! MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!
it caused me to think a little bit aobut alll the things the church has announced and stuff. they wanted us to increase the rescue of hte one, and then there are thousands of missionaries comming out and smashing the world with the gospel!!! IT"S PERFECT! My role now is to establish the foundation for the next generation of missionaries in which SIster Chen will be one of the first!!!!! :)  MEMBERS ARE THE KEY!!! I had never realized that my whol emission because chinese missionaries only work with chinese people. all english speakers are referred to english missionaries in the area. we never had the opportunity to work with the members. now that I'm in this ward, I've started realizing its importance! OH MY GOSH! hahahahaha.
ANYWAY. I'm now off my soap box. During President Langeland's training he referred to the difference between transgression and sin, and I had already read that quote from Dallin H. Oaks about the difference between the two. :) it was simple, but it was really fun to see missionaries tyring to differentiate the two in very complicated ways! it just showed me how truly simple the gospel is!! :) hahahaha I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!! :) simplicity is truly the way that we can know truth. the more simple somehting is... oh my goodness.  THE gospel is SOOOO simple, and true intelligence is being able to take anything and put it into simple terms... it's something that I've been striving for my whole mission. It's the best :) hahaha
YOU KNOW ELDER TIAN!? On the board it says he's fro the philipines.... :) hahaha we'll see. He looks really small and bald hahaha, I'm guessing his trainer will be Elder Davies or Elder Chen. I'm not sure who's training, but they're both really good missionaries. Elder Davies was my last companion in EMP and I learned so much from him... :) hahaha. He'll tell you that I'm his favourite companion, but htat's only because he hasn't served with the greatest of companions. I was supposed to trian elder chen. The zone leaders had called and everything, but another missionary requested him during hte dtransfers so yeah... he's really good. he's the misisonary I baptized 6 people in one transfer with. :) hahahaha. I'm sad I'll miss seeing him, but he's in good hands here. the chinese program is really good. :) I'm not sure what'll happen to it because Elder Bellingham, Me, Elder Tsai, Elder Lee, and Elder Lam are all going home, leaving a skeleton crew to maintain all the areas..... I think ELder Chen, Elder Davies, Elder Allan, Elder Johnson, and ELder Williams are all that's left of the chinese program after this transfer, and they're all rather new.... I just trained ELder Allan and ELder johnson... follow up trained elder williams and Elder Chen.... Elder Davies I was with for four weeks... they're good though.
Sorry my time is up... but keep up the good work!!!!! :) I love you all! and I hope you're all doing super duper wel!!!!! :)
Elder Chen

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