Monday, July 1, 2013


HALLO!!!!! :)
tha't super exciting. :) I'm sure he's a rockstar man! He was definitely a fantastic missionary. I'll see him soon :P NOT TRUNKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Alright. so the pictures are like this. This is elder hodgkinson and I. I in my beautiful pink boots(cleats) and him in my shirt :) hahahaha. that's the shirt you sent us. it was freeeeeeeezing.... so he wanted to borrow one of my long sleeves :) hahahaha all goods htough. We didn't expect sunshine coast to be htis cold. DId you know? Elder Hodgkinson is finishing his mission here and htis is the first area in which he was trained?! cool eh? and I'm finishing with Elder Tito. His older brother was one of the hcinese missionaries I lived with in the beginning of my mission! crazy eh?! anyway..... yeah. so Elder Hodgkinson fly home together so you'll meet him. He'as really good at being a missionary and very patient. and he's realy good at basket ball hence his height :) hahahaha he's funny....
and there's this homeless dude here and it smells a bit funky and elder tito and falevai keep pulling faces because it smells really bad :) hahahahahahahaha but we all feel bad for him... this is probably the most technological interaction he gets with stuff. oh well... maybe he'll hace the gospel soon in his life :) hahahaha
Alright... and President Langeland is now home :) I'm sad because I'll miss him, but I hear president Henderson is a very good man.... so no worries there :) hahahahaha all goods :)
I was talking to him on the phone on friday and saturday and he's really good.... he told me to call him when I touch down in Salt Lake Airport.... so I'm just going to send you his number incase I misplace it :P hahahahahaha
So..... if you could save that so I could borrow someones phone and call him... maybe you'll meet him beforehand... he told me that when I apply for medical schools to give him a call :) evidently he was the chairman of hte University of Utah Admissions committee.... :) hahahaha he said he knew kinda how they admited students and how the program worked :) yeah!!! If I remember correctly, vicky would alsways get angry at me because I was always way luckier than her :) hahahahaha true story :) I IS LUCKY!!!!!! God has really blessed me in my life :) hahahahahahahahahaha
Alright... another funny story for the week.... There are these two recent converts that wer baptized by ELder Taufa in an other ward, bu they come to our ward in search of him. they always ask for "mr Sexy" and the "african one" hahahahahahahahahahaha. IT was really disturbing so we called president and sister langeland and they said that we should just avoid interacting with them beacuse they seem to have a very bad history with misisonaries... it's not good at all..... and the worst par tis that: THEY ARE LIKE 70 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OOOOHHHHHHMAAAAAAHHHHHHGOOOODNESSSSSSSS
:) anyway
the missionaries here are really cool. at the leadership council they kept tlaking about how this is the first time in three years (since president has been here) that there has been this much energy up her ein the sunshine coast. usually only one or two areas are doing well and are excited fo rthe work, but this week, the whole zone did well and are on the rise. it's the first time that all of the areas have 1 baptismal date and so everybody is really excited for the sunshine coast. :) however, the hcinese program hasn't been doing too well lately.... unfortunately..... I'm sure they're working hard but I don' tknow... i tmust be in correlation with some of the semesters or something. I honestly cannot think... that is how much stink there is.... oh my goodnessssssssssss.... I HAVE A HEADACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok. anyway... also... this week, we got assignemnts from heaps of the ward auxillliary leaders to do visits and find certain members that they havne't been able to locate And this week, we found out that the ward list isn't even updated. of the 20 people we were able to visit and confirm location 15 of them no longer live at that address and do not have a current forwarding address. we tracted all the houses around all of the visits na dnone of htem could tell us exactly where the people moved too...... oh miy gooondess.... this ward... :) hahahahahaha. and so we brought it to the ward clerk to update hte records thinking htat we were trying to help and then he told us that he was too busy to update the records... so we talked to bishop and then he referred us.... but I think thi sis just a test of faith to see how persistent we really are :) hahahahaha I"m really excited to see how many trials we've got in this area and we're going to smash them one by one. :) hahahhaa BRING IT AOUN!!!!! :) When trials are not an evidence of disobedience, it is a proof that God feels that you are prepared to grow. and going from what you are now to what God wants you to become takes stretching and pain.... :) like one of hte members in my wards said: "No Gain, no pain" bhahahahahaa :) but seriously.... what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
THis week, we met with one of ht emost fantastic investigators I've ever seen. She wasn't baptized and was dropped by the previous missionaries... I'm not sure why... so we went and visited her while we were in her area. ANYWAY she is FANTASTIC!!!!!! she was lutherane, but because of several indecent experiences she was disheartened and yeah. ANYWAY!! we started teaching her and she said that she feels happy around us because we'r ealways smiling. ANYWAY. We invited her (when she knows it's true) to be baptized. And we asked her if she would be willing to set a goal day in which she would be with her 3 kids. and she was like: Yeah... I'd like to know by wednesday :) htis week hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Elder Tito and I were like: OH............. :) hahahahaha. she's really good but we encouraged her to give it some time and thought and prayer and reading. :) SOOOOO yeah. that's how fantastic she is. she said that she'd like to research us before hand and ask us questions and so we let her ask us quesitons. she's really cool and she liked what we said and stuff so she's progressing really well. :) hahahahahahahahahahaha
ANyway! Keep up the good work! I started looking back and reviewing all of the notes I toke and revelations I recieved on my missiona nd 'm going to give a training on ittomorrow.... so... it's been a long journey :) hahah. I've learned so much and I still have so much to learn... I havne' teven scratched the surface..
I love you all :) and hope you're all doing FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! You're always in my prayers!
Elder Joseph Chen
I'll see you soon :)

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