Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Malo Ainga!!!!

Another week gone down here.  I'll explain my picture for now.
Basically.... that is why I'm so fat.  I'm really excited to go home
and eat of mom's healthy chinese cooking.  It's really good.  Turns
out KFC is much more popular here than you'd expect.  They think only
rich people it at KFC. So... we get lots of KFC.  the members want to
give us the best and I guess KFC is just that :).  I'm really enjoying
it and I promise I'm trying to watch my weight... kinda.... the food
here is just too unhealthy.  I gave up on salads a long time ago.

Anyway, in the back of the picture, there's that little shiny thing,
that's actually a sign we stole from the side of the road.  It's just
soemthing that really sets Australia apart from America.  It's a sign
that says: "Keep Left" so... we try to keep left here....

BUT it's kinda hard sometimes because there are heaps of one way roads
so it gets really confusing.  I was driving to an appointment the
other day, and I had to pull of into a little road that came off of
the one way street we were on.  I made the right turn and ended up
driving on the right side of the road and almost died laughing.
hahaha, It was the strangest moment ever.  I was driving and felt
really weird and then I realized that there were cars facing me
hahahahaha.  I was laughing so hard.  Don't worry, that's the first
time I've ever done that, and the cars were far away.  I wont' do it
again, but it's a fun story nonetheless.

Fun fact of the week: Wombats are actually really cudly looking
animals, but if you crash into one, it's like running into a brick
wall.  They're so dense and low to the ground that they can smash
cars! But they still look really cuddly.  QED.  I'm going to go catch

Well, this week, we discovered that we are teaching three kevins and
two justins! Fun eh? Kevin Guan, and two kevin Chen's.  We want to
baptize all of them on the same day. (they're all really solid
investigators) One of the Kevin Chen's has been investigating since
october of last year O.o.  (ENDURE TO THE END) and the other one I
just found the other day in the park.  Kevin Guan is the man.  he's
the one that read to Alma 13 in a day. Wow.  The two justins are cool
too.  Ones Korean and is a theology student and the other one is
Vietnamese and is studying english.  Seems like asians use the same
names over and over again.  There are heaps of Alina's here.  And
they're all really nice. Except for this one.... but that's another

Well, I was talking with the other Elders this week, and I realized
that I've been in the Central Business District Area for practically
my whole mission! crazy huh? I realized that when I went to church
this sunday and was talking to all the members and then went to go
talk with the elders.  It was really weird because they don't really
know anybody here...  Whenever they need fellowship they ask me.  It's
time for me to move.  SO I think I'm moving pretty soon here.  :)  oh
dear.  That'll be a lot of fun.  :)  I think I'm going to go back to
Eight Mile Plains.  So do all the other Elders.  It's the only place
that I can go.  Unless they keep me here for a little while longer.
In which case. Yay! I LOVE this area.  It's hard, but it keeps me
super busy and happy.

Which reminds me, the Munro's told us that they visited you and
brought us a few pictures from home :)  it made me super happy.
Verina and Jonjon are the best!  I was looking at it and Jon looks
like he's getting MASSIVE! you're the man! I think you're bigger than
me now.  And verina is still small :P.  I haven't gotten 50$ in the
mail yet, but I have faith :) I'll probably get it some time soon. :)
Unless they move me around soon.  I DON"T WANT TO LEAVE THIS AREA! I
love the ward, investigators! it's the best.  But don't tell president
that, evidently they keep you on your toes. O.o

Well, it seems that wherever I go I'm a tutor.  BUT I was helping this
investigator with business law one time and it was so funny because I
had no idea what to do.  So it was like the blind leading the blind.
thank goodness for the spirit because they did well. :) We explained
that I could do that because that is: "Fuyin he Shengling de Liliang"
YEH!!!!  Smashed with the spirit.  So now they're thinking about

They gave us a really funny analogy.  He was talking about baptism
(Kevin 1.0) and said that it was like tasting soda for the first time.
 He doesn't know what it'll be like, but he thinks it'll be good for
him.  hahaha.  He's the funniest guy.  He sounds just like dad.  He
says "RIDICULOUS" just like dad.  :) I couldn't stop smiling when he
was talking.   He loves politics too. it's too funny.  He was talking
to us about Obama and Romney (we remained politically neutral)  and it
sounded just like dad.  I want to baptize him soon. :)  he's funny.

Well, Vicky and I evidently studied the exact same thing recently, so
I think it's a sign.  WE SHOULD ALL DO THIS!!!! :)  When she sent me a
really quick email, she said that The two most important commandments
were: 1. Love God 2. Love your neighbor. Sounds weird that there could
be one commandment greater than any other commandment right? but IT
IS!!!!!!!!  In the last week of our Saviour's mortal ministry, he was
teaching the people in the temple at Jerusalem when a Scribe, sent by
the Pharasees(sp?) tried to confound him by asking him which of the
commandments was greatest.  The jews had created SO many different
laws based of Mosaic commandments and it was a trap trying to get him
to lose face in front of the masses.  Well, He said that the two
greatest commandments were to 1. Love God 2. Love your neighbor!
Everything follows after that.  If you love God, you'll keep ALLL of
His commandments.  So... moral of the story. Love :) I just thought of
Jeff's cheesy little comments EVERY time I got angry.  "love Joseph...
love" hahahaha.  It made me so mad.  but now, I get it... kinda.

So in light of this commandment:

I love you all!

Especially Dad because he's done so much for me even though I was
stubborn and a little bit thick headed.

And Especially Mom... for being mom :) Mom's are the best.  And
sending me love-filled emails.

AND especially Jeff... who's engaged now! congratulations!
lots of hearts and love all around.
oh wait... I forgot Kara. O.o sorry! I love you too! :)  That's
wonderful that Jeff finally proposed! what a backwards guy setting up
the wedding before he's engaged.  :P Jeff is the man.  Love you Jeff!
with lots of Love! :)

AND Specifically Sister Chen... She's the best.  You should send her
all the stuff you would have sent me.  I am living a really cozy life
over here in Australia. :) and getting fat because of it! YEH!!!!!
hahaha.  good thing I'm lost in the work and don't care about my fat!!
buwahahaha.  (one of the people I baptized taught me that Mop means
fat in Vietnamese :) so now, I'm elder mop!)

I love Verina especially lots too because I get to brag about her.
and she's super cute and little.

AND the MAN! Jon! I love you!!!!!You're the man, and going to be way
cooler than me when i get home, you're already a shuai ge!!!!!

Well... that's a lot of love going around, so I think I'll stop that.
It's kinda weird typing it, but that just means that I need to repent
and say it more.  COMMANDMENTS!

Well, I hope you all have a great week! keep praying and reading
scriptures.  I know it definitely blesses our lives and helps us
understand what we need to do in order to increase our happiness.
We're happiest when we love and serve others. :) SO Be happy! LOVE AND

Love you all!

Elder Chen

Alofa Atu Ma Oi!
Ai Shi Teru!!
San ah hei yo!
Talofa Atu!
Wo Ai Ni!!!!!!
Ich Leibst Dich!!!

I must be out of languages... time to learn more.

I just realized... what a loving email.... I promise I'm not weird....
according to missionary standards.  Our ward just started a man hug
moment. :P hahaha.  we all get up and hug all the elders quorum in our
ward. :)  it was... nice.

Oh yeah! i'm O positive... according to the MTC :) SO yep! :)  You're
the man Jon!  You can play with my White blood cell stuffed animal if
you want.  It's cooler than red blood cells.  Admit it.

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