Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hi family! I'm sorry about the late email, it was a holiday, so we weren't able to email and stuff, so I'm finally getting to it rght now :( hahaha, but this week was one of hte most mracle filled weeks in the world! (Ps, The "I" key on this computer is sticky, so if it doesn't have an I, I apologize.  And this email will probably be shorter than usual, sadly :( oh well. I wish I could send pctures, but I can't fgure out how to do it on this comoputer, so I will find out how to do it next week after I skype you :) yay!  I'll be calling at 8 am Australian Time, sadly, we don't have daylight savings. Evidently queensland is the only place in the world that doesn't do daylight savings.... hahahaha.  so According to my watch, t should be 4, but I'm not 100% sure.... sorry :(.

Haha, so funniest sunday ever. hahaha.  so, I went to church to teach one of our investgators from Taiwan.  When she showed up, she had brought five other friends with her, which were super nice.  I don't know how interested they were, but they really enjoyed it, so they had a good first impression of the church, which hopefully will lead to other thngs soon.  maybe for vicky :) one of them s from zhongyi, and the other from zonghe. haha.  anyways, we taught them, and sat by them at church.  bishop was giggling to himself or something on the stand haha.  anyway that was the first thing that happened on sunday.

The next thing that happened was that one of the people that shared their testimony was from utah... and I've hung out with her before! WHAT?! anyway, small world. I talked to her after, and she was super nice.  She's studying nursing at BYU.  FUN story though, the reason she's here is that she is visiting some of her inactve family down here in Australia and looking for her geneological records! Sweet mom for almost being finished! 27 pages! and then you get to start on the Lin side of your family! I have definitely felt the help of our family as I've been out here doing the work.  It's such a blessing to have ancestors that have had the chance to accept the necessary saving ordinances. it is such a blessing to help people here receieve those as well.

WHICH takes me to the next thing.  There is a canadian in our ward named Lauren, and I was talking/bragging about sister Chen, and she suddenly recognized Vicky's name.  Crazy huh?tturns out that she went to BYU and knew Natalya Skabelund and Sophie!!! We opened Taco shell boxes togehter at her wedding!!! hahahaha.  It was such a strange moment. She was a lifeguard at BYU and stuff.  anyways.  craziest part of the story: she brought a friend to church named.... I don't know how to spell her name, but it sounds like mouood.... like more food, minus the "re" and "f"... ANYWAY I went up to talk to her during church and welcome her. turns out, she went to BYU, so I asked about that, and then she asked me:"do you know a guy named Jeff?" O.oItold her that my brother was named Jeff, and she was like:Oh, I know him... hahaha SOOOOO it was kinda crazy.

Ok, so the first miracle story for the week: I was finding people at a local bus station known as the Woolongabba.  I was talking to somebody, and they had to jump on the bus to go.  Right after, a woman walked up to me and started talking to me.  I thought she was a member at first, but I came to find out that she was actually not a member, but had seen missonaries before, and liked all of them.  We kept talking, and I found a lot in common with her! as we kept talking, she opened up and told me about her life, why she was here from england, and how she felt.  she asked a question about Joseph Smith.  I opened my bag to pull out a pamphlet, and all I could find were Plan of Salvation pamphlets, but after a minute of looking, I found the restoration pamphlet and gave it to her.  As we continued to talk, and I learned more about her, I felt like I should really pull out a plan of salvation pamphlet and talk about afterlife, and seeing people again.  After Italked to her about that, she told me that her husband had died, and she was going back to england soon to see her mom for the last time.  She had thought about being able to see her mother and husband again, but had never fully comprehended the whole stuation.  I testified to her that she would see her family again and shared wth her a bt about the plan of salvation.  It was such an amazing conversation.  Everything she knew and believed pointed towards truth! how amazing s that! It was like the parable of the sower that leaves his field to sleep, and in the night, the wheat grows up and produces fruit.  The missionaries before didn't know what kind of results their communication with her would result in.  They may have never thought of it again, but if they saw what happened that day, they would have understood their purpose in the salvation of her soul! What a wonderful opportunity I have to help harvest the wheat sown by missionaries, members, and angels before!  How great is the work!

sorry, but I'm out of time for today.... sorry it was super short, but next week I'll get to skype you so it's all better :) I'm super excited! hahaha, hopefully it doesn't make too big of a problem that we don't have daylight savings over here.... hahahaha

love you all, I hope you're all doing super well, and I'll see you next week!

Elder Chen

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