Tuesday, July 3, 2012


YAY! thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! it made my day :D haha.  I love getting such wonderful things from you all! and yes, I am no longer a teenager :*( NOOOO.  I'm getting old.  Sister langeland called me today to wish me a happy birthday and then started making fun of me because... yeah... I still look like I'm 16.... sad days... but that's ok! :) we all age.  it was a fun phone conversation. She's the best :)  Sister Langeland is such a wonderful.... mission president's wife! she is so funny.  She was a nurse and President Langeland was a Doctor, and I guess that's that. hahaha.  It was so funny because they always tell the most awkward stories about working together and stuff.  I love them.  They are the coolest.

OH WOW!!! YAY! Bro. Mitton is our new bishop?! I LOVE Bro.... Bishop Mitton.  He's the best!!!! And he served in Australia.  :) Which makes him really cool :) and both of our neighbors are in the bishopric as well! how awesome is that!!! I met Micheal garry's fellow missionary here in Australia... it might've been Jordan Hardy/Harly or Dan Hart... I can't remember. You'll have to ask him or something.

That waterfall pictures looks super awesome! hahaha, jeff! Killing it like a blind man reading.  I always look up to Jeff while I'm out here.  I've been writing some Elders in hong Kong and they keep updatin gme on evidence of Jeff's(Elder Chen)'s pressence in Hong Kong hahaha. You must've left a really big mark on Hong Kong. hahaha :P

Verina!!!! i'm still super upset about your biking accident >:( hahaha, just kidding.  But please be more careful! :D I'm glad you're going to have a full recovery though.  Missionaries are funny because we know that God is protecting us so we do some really weird things.... anyway.  Whenever I get in a biking accident, I never even get hurt or anything, and most of the time, my suit and clothes don't even get scratched hahaha. YEAH!!!!!  yay for protection.

Oh yeah! Verina, can you do something for me? I know you'll only have like 10 hrs to do this, but make sure you say thank you LOTS to Meagan for me! She sent me a package and it got to me TODAY! it was awesome! it was perfect timing.  So say thanks to her for me.  and maybe get me her address :) haha yeah... thanks! I know she's going into the MTC in a bit.

Jon! did you get your wisdom teeth out or what happened to you?! you look like an old woman! :P hahaha jokes, you'r ethe man.  Everything mom tells me in her letters to me say such good things about you! you must really be doing super well! keep up the good work! I've found some stuff over here that I really want to get you, but you're going to have to wait till next year when I get it to you :p hahaha

WELL! not too much happened this week... just kidding. :p hahaha a lot always happens out on a mission.  We have an elder that almost got into three fights this week, one of the investigators tried to stab some missionaries with a butter knife, after which he tried stabbing himself, we had a baptism, we had a baptism fall through because she drank tea :( and we had an investigator tell us that he loves alcohol too much, but he really wants to get baptized...... hrm.... hahaha.  so. story time :D.

There's this really upset man that hangs out in the botanical gardens and always asks us for money.  when we don't give him money, he starts swearing a lot and trying to make a big scene, and sometimes he'll try to get physical and everything.  well, this elder is Tongan, and... yeah... he's tongan.  He's the man.  Well, he was asked for money and then the guy started trying to get physical, (ps... side-note, this tongan weighs 140 kg's... I don't know what that is in lbs, but, he's big) and then yeah... one thing lead to another and then the missionary's companion pulled him back and stuff.... that was a close call.

The other time, some people were yelling at us, and the same tongan elder, dropped his bag and started walking towards the guy, and he got really scared, and started running away.... sooo.... funny stories :) We all laughed about it later.

the stabbing one was because the guy was crazy.  It was actually his baptismal interview day, but he had been drinking so they told him that they needed to work with him a lot more before they could baptize him, etc, he got really upset and stood up.  The same tonganelder (wow....) told him that if he didn't put the knife down, he'd break his arm... so. yeah....

ANYWAY, we're not just teaching crazy people! I promise, and it really is quite safe! :) I love it here.  There are just a few crazy people, just like always :)

Well, do you remember Michelle? the one I baptized back in March? well, she is THE BEST! We have a lot of investigators that we bring to church but can't ever find fellowship for. Last week, there was a sister from Thailand that we weren't sure about getting fellowship for, but then Michelle started going CRAZY! It was the best! Michelle's from Vietnam, but can speak a bit of Thai, so they got along really well and started talking.  I love seeing those we baptize help others feel the spirit!!!!!!

well, I've gotta go :( sorry, but I'll write more next week, and attach pictures.. I don' tknow how to use this computer too well. 

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes :)

Elder Chen

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