Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Well, this week, is transfers and it's been a really really crazy bit. hahaha. I don't know if you know, but for the past three days, it's been raining. it peaked on sunday when all of brisbane got flooded. Elder Lee and stayed out during church to help people get from their cars to the chapel and back. :) we were SOAKING!!! afterwards, I poured water out of my shoes :) hahahahahaha. it was too fun.  our stake activated the emergency plan so we were busy contacting all of the chinese members in the area as well as a lot of the elders quorum to see if they were alright and if they had power. fortunately, everybody was fine and only about half our area lost power. Our flat was one of the only ones that maintained power. Thank you Heavenly Father :).  So yeah. that's the news.  We had to go home when president told us that we needed to return home immediately because of safety reasons O.o. that was a little bit scary.  So we stayed home and studied all of sunday. we had to cancel a baptism, and church was cancelled. At least it wasn't as bad as the 2011 floods. :) Yesterday, we were able to go out and look at the damage and several trees had fallen into the streets and stuff, but everybody was super efficient and all the trees were cleared really quickly hahaha. :) sadly, we weren't able to proselyte as much as we would have liked, but it was a good experience. We're all fine and don't worry, none of my stuff is wet...e xcept for one of my copies of the book of mormon. that got soaked. hahaahahaha :) and my shoes. Good thing I ahve two pairs and only one is soaked. hahahahahaha. :) FEET FUNGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMEH!!!!! :) and thanks for the new pants! They saved my life! and they came right in time. If I didn't have those new pants, I would've had three pairs of soaked pants and nothing to wear! hahahahaha. AWKWARD! :) But my pants are all dry now. thanks to our magical drying machine!

As we were tracting yesterday, found this lady that called us over and told us that she was a member! however, we had never seen her ever before! as we talked to her, we discovered that her husband had been the mission president in New Zealand!!! O.o the reason we had never seen her before was because she had moved and then didn't go to church anymore! it took missionaries this long to find her!!! She has a lot of kids and many of them are inactive as well, so we're going to start working with them. she's a wonderful woman and was really excited to be able to come back to church. hoepfully she'll come back really soon. I think her husband passed away though a bit ago which might have triggered her inactivity.  It's so sad to see people like that fall away. they're such wonderful people and have magnificent testimonies, but when something happens, or they lose contact, it all goes away. :(

Also, the sisters found one of our members hahaha. another move-in from new zealand. she's so funny. She's been here for a week or soemthing and they had tracted into her, but the funny thing is that the sisters were tracting in our area bahahahahahahaha.  :) YEH!! More work dun for us!!! So we're going to find this sister and start working with her :) yay!!

We also invited this one investigator to come to an activity with us and his response was: "ONly if this storm turns into a tornado or hurricane will I not come" He came. :)

Later in the week, he completed a 12 hour shift by himself in a kitchen hahahahahahahahaha.  Afterwards, we wanted to see if he wanted to meet up and his response was this: "You may pray to your God, to give you some bless...." BAHAHAHAHAHA, I took a picture of the text, so I'll send it to you. it's SOOOO funny. we're all laughing all the time about it. whenever somebody rejects us now, we just say: YOu may pray to your god to give you some bless. hahaha :)

Sometiemes, wehn we're tracting or contacting on teh streets, I'll act like I can't speak any english at all hahahaha ;) only if they reject us really quickly. So when they reject my companion, I still smile at them as if I think they're really nice :) It's really bad. but it's fun. and it makes finding really fun. :) hahahahahaha.  JIA YOU!!!!

Also, since it's tranfers, this is the last time our district will be together :( nooooo. so I took a picture of us alli n the car. It's the MAN! we drive the BIGGEST vehicle in the world. it is SOOO big. our max: 10 missionaries. we could've fit more comfortably, but that's all circumstance required :) hahahaha.

WE're teaching this girl named Jacquie and she's super funny. she needs to overcome somethings but she is the COOELST! she's from shanghai, just like vicky, one of our recent converts, and it's so funny. She's perfect in Chinese, Shanghaihua, and english and it's RIDICULOUS!!! When she speaks to vicky, she'll mix in a little of everything and it's too fun. THey're so similiar. they're both super happy people and they both want to lose weight and yeah. they're shanghainese. It's too fun. It's a bit weird how good her english is though..... It's really australian, but ever since we've started meeting with her, it's kinda gone American :) YEH!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICA!! Oh yeah, happy AUstralia day by the way! :)

We also went to a Taiwanese dessert shop to have some mango bing, and taro bing :) IT WAS SOOOOO GOOOOOOD! :) I LOVE THE TARO!!!!!!! TARO IS SO GOOD! :) hahahahahaha, I decided, when I get home, I'm going to ahve dad teach me all of is wisdom in cooking and stuff. I lvoe food. it's wonderful.
Well, time is probably pretty up for me. hopefully I enlightened you all wih my wonderful stories. I'll send the pictures in a second just like normal so the comptuer doesn't yell at me :P hahahaha
I learned so much about the preisthood and the chruch this week during personal studies. THe mission is reading Doctrine and Covenants together and it's SUPER DUPER great! I've learned so much from it. :) I was supposed to ask you all something, but then I kinda forgot. oh yeah. What is everybody's chinese names? I don't even know! :) hahaha, now that I can speak chinese, it's kinda interesting to me :)
Elder Chen

this is sister gleeson. She's 80 years old and can't hear things. and we're all super wet. this is my sons and I. we had taco's at her house and they were delicious. when we have conversations with each other, she can't hear us hahahahahahahahahaha

this is the picture of the text. "YOU may pray to your God to give you some bless... today's shift has only myself in the kitchen. despite the payment. totally scared of the unknown roster week... Going to sleep"
we had to give the sisters a ride, that's their fellowship.

that is our taro ice :) Y AY!!! LOVE TAIWAN. this is our district. (left to right) Elder Lee, Elder Allan, Elder Lutui, Elder Johnson, Elder Carling, Elder Chen, Elder ladd.

us going out in the rain to save people :) you can't see it, but we are SOAKING WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we named the car Teancum. our district once again :) if you can see, there's a little pink thing on my watch. the little strap broke so I used the strap from another watch. :) YEH! Works PERFECTLY and pink looks good onblack people.... like me :) YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Carling and Elder Ladd just got transfered :( We'll see who comes in.

I can water bend by the way :)

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