Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So president just told me to start applying for school again, so :) this email might be a tiny bit shorter than others :P hahahaha. sorry :) I'll try to type as fast as I can. Unfortunately it might be a bit slower than I used to be.  I've slowed down heaps since I've been on my mission. I think it's because of the fact that I don't use computers anymore... yeah.... that's probably it. ANYWAY! I'm emailing a tiny bit later than usual becasue this morning, the sisters organized a P-day for us and we had to go to this little secluded place out in the woods to learn kung fu from this guy. it was pretty fun, and I didn't learn much, but it was fun to mess around with all the other missionaries. I now know how to hold a punching bag as somebody kicks it. YEH!!!!! KUNG FU MASTA!!!!!!
My ninja name is! Elder Chen. because that is what everybody calls me :) hahaha

ALRIGHT!!!! Well first of all! XIN NIAN KUAILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! the festivities were dismally lacking because everybody still had to work and go to school so it was a little it less than exciting... oh well. we'lll figure something else eciting in the next bit. :) We got invited to our friends house for dinner on new years. I contacted a malaysian girl and she just invited us to dinner. their family was fantastic. it was a lot of fun. there were heaps of malaysian people there! By the way, they can speak SOOOOO many different languages! It's crazy cool.  Guoyu, guandonghua, malay, taiyu, english. deng deng. they are so crazy. plus.l there was a speach pathologist at the dinner as well and so we talked about a little medical stuff over dinner. it was quite amusing. there was also this malaysian girl there that is also going into medicine. it was a fun night. they gave us this crab that you can eat the shell of!!!! O.o OH MY GOODNESS!! it was really good. but i thought it was really strange when I ate the shell. I'm ok though. I'm not bleeding inside or anything :) hahaha. and there was heaps of delicious foods. yum yum yum.
Also, this week, we went tracting (again :)) and it was a lot of fun!!!!! ELder Johnson is THE MAN at tracting hahahahaha. we went and tracted ONE street, got three potential investigators, a referral, and taught a lesson! IT WAS SOOOOO CRAZY! the first door we knocked was australian and the told us to go away and read some books. then the next door, we taught a lesson, the next door, Iwe found one of the people I had contacted on the street, this time he seemed a bit more willing because he had more time, he gave us a referral.  then, we kept going and had more success and at the end of the stree, there was a really big dog. both of us heard it and ran away :) hahahahahaha JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The work wan't too great on chinese new year. it was really amusing to see people running around doing the dragon dance, and stuff. a few martial artist people, but most of the time, we were just talking to people. we had some mango ice and taro ice. it was delicious :) numnumnum.
Well, this week, there wasn't too much, but I need to do something really quickly for president, and then I'll finish up my email, so this one might be a tiny bit short.
We also spent a lot of time making home-made dumplings. we had a friend teach us how to make the skins and the meat and stuff and then we made dumplings. it took a long time, which is rather depressing because then pday was short, but then we got to eat lots of them :) hahahahaha. I think I might skip the skin making part if I ever do dumplings again :P hahahahaha. That part took the LONGEST TIME IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! hahahahahahaha. rolling them and stuff. dad is THE man for doing that. I remember him being able to wrap them and do them while watching TV. I wasn't even able to talk and wrap at the same time. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!! And I'm excited for the ping pong table :) hahahahaha

We went and visited a lot of our recent converts and less actives this week and it was quite the adventure. hahahaha. we met so many strange yet fun people hahaha.  which reminds me. Therew as this advertisement in our ward newsletter for our chinese new year activity and the line said: "Different, but FUN!!! " bahahhahahahaahaha. we're different, but we're still fun somehow. I don't know about those asians....... hahahaha
I took a lot of videos because I have SOOO much memory to take up in the sd cards you keep sending. hahahahaha. I have to take 10,000 more pictures. O.o hahahaha. READY!? MEMORIES TIME!!!!!!

Sister chen is a LEGEND!!!! Sister taylor is the sister that I did a duet with in the MTC! I remember her. She's super duper cool... that means she's almost done with her mission hey.... oh well. :)  JIA YOU SISTER CHEN YOU ARE MY OUXIANG!!!!! :) hahahaha. wa ai lee.
sp? I don't know how to speak english or any other language anymore. hahaha

Elder Chen!!!!!!!


this is kung fu training. I was on blue team. :) that is elder lutui (also blue) elder west (black), and sister vaipulu (white)

and this is us doing some ninja training out in the woods. Since I'm blue team, I got to wear your socks jeff. YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is our district... except for elder lee. he's the hand on the very left hahaha. my camera wasn't well placed and the door was about to open :) JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY THE WAY! MOM! I LOVE THAT BAG!!!! thanks for buying it for jeff and giving it to me. it's SOOOOO perfect fo being amissionary :)


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