Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 I talked to this girl from china and her chinese is OSOOO good. But she was born here. she's going into medicine and yeah. Chinese is good for the health.

Speaking of which. That girl that can speak fluently. her family is islamic which means that we have to go and be very careful about teaching them. they can get in a LOT of trouble if they change. When I was contacting her, she was really happy and smily and stuff. When I invited her to church she told me that she's secretly.... CHRISTIAN!!!! Isn't that crazy. So her parents can't know or else she'll get into a lot od trouble, but she said she read the bible and prayed and it made sense. i told her that there was even MORE to know and she was super excited. Sadly, her parents took away her phone :P (kinda like me hahahaha) and so we're contacting her through her friends... which are also members!!! it's soooooo awesome that we were able to find somebody like her. SHe's CRAZY!!!!!!!

Another instance is that we set up english class and stuff to run and we've had a lot of iranian people come and attend to learn english. There was this couple that I decided to fellowship during the class and help them learn english. The next week, I was on trade-offs so i wasn't able to attend the english class becasue I was in another area. Anyway. They approached some missionaries and asked if iw as there, they said I was elsewhere. They told the missioanries that They were also secretly christian, but they couldn't tell us in open because there was another iranian in the class as well and they could get in a LOT of trouble.  The last muslim that was baptized in Brisbane disappeared after a few weeks. I tried looking for them while I was in river terrace a year ago, but weren't able to find them.  O.o I'm so gald that I was born into a wonderful family :)  It helps me appreciate what I've been blessed with in being born into the GREATEST family ever :)  Kara, you're lucky to get jeff. welcome to the group of little potatoes.

I had potatoes this week... they don't agree well with me hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... I'll let you ponder on that for a while. i think it does the same thing that yams do to sister chen and dad.... oh dear. that and milk bahahaha. HOWEVER those mashed potatoes agree very well with me. I LOVE THEM!!! hahaha, but don't worry about sending them. other missionaries usually eat them before I do hahahaha

Another fun adventure we had this week was becasue we've been finding SOOOOO much. We were visiting one of our recent converts. when we knocked on the door, he was half naked (Which is quite normal here because it's SOOOOO hot) and we walked in, and as we were talking in the kitchen, a taiwanese guy walked out of the other room also half naked, but he seemed SOOO emberrassed. hahahahaha. he kinda yelped and ran into his room yelling: "OH MY So emberassing. I'll put a shirt on) hahahahahahaha.  ANYWAY one thing lead to another and they came to church :) JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO that is how we find people. We go into their homes when they don't expect it and SMASH them witht he spirit. :)

All of my recent converts are going back to their respective countries :( sad day. So I'm kinda glad I won't bec oming back here or else sister chen would be like: You didn't even baptize anybody :P bahahaha. just kidding.
Also. this week, a master chef from one of the restaraunts gave us fish heads + spinal column + tails :) So we make fish soup. It make one of the white people sick, but the asians seem to be immune :) hahahahahahahahahaha

We had hot pot and my children were like: OH MY GOODNESS you can eat. hahahaha. I didn't realize this but asians can eat SOOOOO much at hot pots. its' so much fun. hahahahaha. it's the greatest. One of our investigators from shanghai was like: White people are just jealous that we can eat so much and not gain any weight ;P hahahaha

Also. Elder Lutui (one of the english elders in our ward) evidently took a picture with me in the beginning of my mission. NOW I AM FAT!!! hahaha. I look SOOO much fatter now. it's too funny. oh my goodness. hahahaha. jia you!

Alright, well this week, If ound something that I LOVE in Jeff's scriptures. it's that quote from Dallin H. Oaks, and I always tumble across it.  He says that trians can be an evidence of God's will for you to grow. It also says taht it requires a lot of stretching and pain in order to go from where we are to where God wants us to be.  Times of trials are blessings!!! not always even in disguise! I learned so much from all the trials that I've undergone and it's helped me become the missioanry I am today.  I may not be where jeff was when he was at my stage, but I'm getting closer where God wants me to be and I'm confident about that. I need to undergo so much more to be where He expects me to be, but that willa lso take more pain hahaha.  Zhen jin bu pa huo lian! Lets get rid of all the junk!
LOve you alll!!!!!! 

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