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So the return date might change according to a synchronization that's going on with all the trasnfers so we'll let you know as soon as I know :) but I think we're still planning around July 17 :) yay! hahaha. sadly, I'm not going to make it for July 4. but that's ok :) YAY!!!!!!!

OK. so this week was a short week because we just emailed you on wednesday, but that's ok. I'll see what I can remember from this week. First of all:

Why is everybody getting married?! isn't that a bit many people to be getting married? bahaha. Soon vicky will be married when she gets off her mission in two transfers :) hahahaha. I can't believe I've been out for a year and a half already O.o I feel old. I keep telling all my investigators and members that I've only been on a mission for about a year. :) XIAYITIAO!!!!!!! I've already been out for ages hahahaha. OH NO! :)

Thank you for putting the prescription up for me :) hahaha, our friend didn't put a return adress on the envelope hahaha. it only said vietnam so i wasn't able to do anything about it hahahahaha :) it's ok though. Internet is so powerful!

Alright. So I shall explain the pictures I am going to send to you :) The picture is of Elder Lutui representing Taiwan in Ping pong hahahaha. eh's really good and it's so fun to play him because he jjust giggles the whole time. hahahahaha :) "Jus for fun! Jus for fun!" and then he'll smash the ping pong ball hahahaha :) sports night is the greatest with him. he's really cool because he likes to play with the investigators and soeverybody really loves him it's so fun. Last time, we just sat down with two of our investigators and taught them :)  YAY!
The next picture is of elder johnson during our weekly plan. We have about half anhour to introspect: Whcih is basically a retrospection of the week. and this was his introspection hahahahaha. Since our unit isn't air conditioned, we decided to go to the church because it is. hahaha. We're going through a heat-wave right now so it's incredibly hot! OH MY GOODNESS! IT"S SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT! it's ridiculous. Out in western queensland, the temperatures got up to 50 Celsius.... O.o OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I think the highest it got last week was maybe forty, or around there hahaha. it's crazy. so we've been sweating our brains out because of the heat and now we hope our wives are becoming beatiful. My face is becoming so beautiful because of hte sweat all over it hahaha. as soon as we left teh room, we all felt like we were dying hahahaha. :) Thank goodness the church is air conditioned.

Finally, that is a picture of one of my favourite churches. hahahahaha. It puts up these random signs and so it adds to our spiritual thought bank . it's a lot of fun :) hahaha. this weeks was especially funny. If satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future :P bahahahahahaha. too much fun. oh no! :) so repentance is an eternal concept. if we repent, god can forget what happened, and we don't have to remember either :) yay!
So those are the pictures, I don't think I have any others to send your right now. I did get your package with the new SD card, but I don't know if I'll be able to fill up all the sd cards that I haven ow. I'll definietly try my best. It's my new goal to create new fun membories :) yaya hahaha. so we're going to be hopefully taking more pictures of everything.

This week, we tracted a lot, and taught a lot, and set a lot of baptismal dates and did a lot of weird random stuff. BUT we didn't seem to have too many stories after wedensday, whcih is rather depressing, but we're a work in progress :) bahhahahaha.

We have these investigators which are the COOLEST people IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them! they are the greatest. My favourite is this Older gentle man from Guangdong, he's the man. His chinese has a really thick cantonese accent ands o it's hard to understand him sometimes, but it's a lot of fun talking to him :) He's got so much faith, but doesn't really know anything about anything :) hahaha. When we asked him, he just said that he loved the feeling, but didn't know a thing aboutt any  religion. He was baptized into the church of england, but they didn't tell him anything about what it emant so now, we're bringing him up to speed. This week, we brought brother huang from hong kong to help us (emeritus area 70!) and he was fantastic! there was no concern that he didn't have a perfect resolution for. Word of Wisdom, he smashed (I'll have to tell you more about that later :)) but he was also baptized into the church of england when he was younger, but ran into missionaries. It was the coolest lesson in the world! I LOVED IT!!!! But he's fantastic. he's planning on being baptized here soon. When we sat down to have a lesson with him, he said: "I decided to be baptized. I thought about it for a while and now I'm going to be baptized" hahaha :) YAY! I LOVE DAVID! I'll take a picture of him. He used to be a policeman in China back in the day, but now he's here. He's older, but he's very very very healthy still. it's so funny. he comes to sports nights and plays basketball like he's 19 still :) he's the man. If he were a bit taller I bet he could have been able to dunk hahaha.

The other super duper cool investigator is this girl named jacquie! I know that sounds french, but she is the COOLEST!!! she asks the funniest questions and they're kinda weird sometimes, but she is the BEST!!! :) She's anurse here from shanghai (Nong ho!) (I'm learning shanghai hua hahaha) and her english is really really good. like it could be better than mine ni a minute hahahaha. it's that good. but it has to be super good because she's a nurse. ANYWAY. She's also preparing for baptism but the lessons are so funny with her because she guides the lesson according to her questions and it's GREAT! we have a lesson plan and then her questions lead us along the path of folloowing that lesson plan :) she's so cooperative :). It may take a minute because she needs to covercome some things, but she ahs a will of steel and she's super supesr dedicated. if she gets motivated to do something, she'll do it. She's awesome.

We had a fun experience as we were contactin gon the streets. a taiwanese family passed us as we were talking to people and one of the kids said hello to my companions as they were walking by, and then he responded in chinese. THe kids all screamed and ran to their parents yelling: "Ta hui guoyu!" hahahaha it scared the mom and she smiled at us. Sadly she was running onto the bus so we couldn't talk to her, but I think that was a good contact :)

Mom is translating again?! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think we'll be able to see President Uchtdorf's CES fireside, but I'm sure you translated it perfectly hahaha. :) my chinese is still very bad because everybody here speaks english and everything is in english here. so please forgive me if I come home and can't speak chinese :) hahaha. I'm working hard though! :)

Dad is always serving people! I love it. he's such a perfect example of selfless charity :) I wish I were as cool as dad. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Jeff is going crazy again over in medical school. :) Big hug little hug.  I stumbled across your hair in the bag.... yes.

Sister Chen is INCREDIBLE!!! She's really cool. She's my example and she'll be home from her mission before I am hahaha. it's too funny.  I can't believe she's almost home! She's got two transfers left. and she spent her whole mission in zhongli?! JIA YOU JIA YOU JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verina! I'm so excited for you to go on your missioN! i'm sad I'll not be able to see you for a long time, but I know theis is something that the lord wants you to do! JIA YOU! I bet nide zhongwen bi wo de zhongwen hao. :) Zhong yan ni er.

Jon! Good for you on setting goals! i've really gained a testimony of goals while I've ben on my mission. They've helped me focus so much! I can't wait to be able to put more goals into action :) it takes a lot of effort, but the better you are at focusing on them. the more successful you can be :)  You get what you constantly focus on!
Well, I think that's about it for this week. It was kinda slow. really really really hot. Pray that we never have a heat wave like this. EVER! it's really really hot.

This week, I was studying and I found a lot of information about the preisthood responsibility of men. I really found it interesting because God needs people who are willing and ready to fulfill future positions and stuff and so He needs us to be constantly worthy! so many stories of random people being called to replace missionaries in places of leadership. I love it! I personlly am not a really big fan of leadership positions. I don't really like them at all. but hopefully we can all be and stay worthy fo the Lord's trust and be able to act when He needs us to act. :)

Thank you for all your love and support! :)

Elder Joseph Chen

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