Wednesday, January 16, 2013


SO! This week was a bit slower than usual. As you probably noticed, we are at the temple this morning... oh my goodness... my english is horrible. I don't know what to do about that. That's ok. ANYWAY! it was a really long week spent organizing a lot of different thinks. InCLUDING home teaching. OH MY GOODNESS! I never want to organize home teaching again. it was the longest meeting I've ever had. hahaha. it was ok eventually. I was able to maintain sanity for the first million hours.  :) hahhahaha. BUT it was good. The home teaching is mostly organized and now... we sit and pray and call and eat and sleep. hopefully they all do their hometeaching. Now that I've seen the process of selecting appropriate companions, I've realized that they must have thought I was a pretty odd kid. Bro. Nelson is the man, and so I think they were thinking I was pretty bad... which I was. REPENTANCE!!!!!!!!!

OKEY DOKEY! another really great thinga bout that experiencei s that not only did I realize that I've repented a lot in my lfie, but i was able to see how much revelation and the holy ghost have to do with everything that goes down in assigning companions, families, etc. As we were assigning, I would be thinking of a name and then someone else in the room would call it out. It was incredible. ANd it wasn't very slow. As soon as we got started, things started to go really fast.  People all had the exact same Ideas. Whenever I said something to assign a companion or a family, the others would agree and then I'd start thinking of how the match would actually work. It's brilliant. I lvoe it.  I hope I don't have to do it again, but that is something that I'd love to watch again. The Lord truly is leading this work! We're all just little cogs in a big big big machine that is rolling forward without any hands. we might just accellerate that a little bit :) YAY FOR ACCELERATION! It's just like Elder Holland said: We aren't waiting for slow natural growth!!!!!!!

ok. OTher than that. we had a BIG family home evening!!!

Then biked home!!!(Sweaty)

and then went to the temple the next morning :)

with elder taufa!

I really like this new message thing. I feel like I've typed a lot to you all and so I feel better about this one. Usually it doesn't look like I've sent you much, but the scrolly bar --> is really small now! GREAT SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!! more pictures

OK! so this week. There is a little boy named Ronny! and he's the funniest person in the world. I taught my son that "Zhu Ni Zao Sheng Gui Zi" means good luck. But in truth and in reality it means: "have a kid soon" Well. he decided to  yell it to one of our friends while we were at a bus stop. it was pretty funny. the end.

OH BUT IF ONLY IT WAS THE END! after yelling it, a lot of people were looking at us a little funny :P hahahahahaha.  ONE kid named ronny (this is why ronny is relevant) heard it and totally went CRAZY!! hahahahahaha. He was in love with Elder Allan because he had never seen a white kid that could speak chinese. :P hahahahaha. oh my goodness.if only I could have filmed their first contact. it went something like this:

You can speak chinese?!!??!?!?!?!!?!??!!?! (^^)v

"um.... dui"

"MY name is RONNY!!!!!!!!!!"
"I can speak english!!!!!!!"

deng deng.

It was pretty funny. then my son got an awkward hug and Ronny left. We got his number.... we teach him now... he wants to get baptized in january

So ronny is the man. he's too funny.

Did you know? Sister Chen and I have exchanged 86 Emails? That is the fun fact for the day. In two weeks it shall have hit 90 and we shall both be really old. I hear she has five months ish left?! I have no idea. that's crazy! Sister Chen is CRAZY?!?!?!??!?!?!? I don't know why I put question marks there.... it just kinda happened. The end

ok. Also. we had a family home evening which was supposed to be small. but then that picture happened. and now ping pong is our greatest finding tool. The mission team might want to buy another ping pong table because the asian people love it SOOO much. It's too funny. I don't

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