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OH MY GOODNESS!!! it's december already! isn't that insane?! I can't even believe it's gone by so fast! I remember last december I was also in Eight Mile Plains. Isn't that the crazies!? I think it is. Anyway. A year ago, there was this family in the ward called the Chong family and they always had us over for dinner. while I was in the City, they moved to an area called ipswich is a predominantly Islander area.  This week, the Chongs came back to visit and it was a really strange experience. I felt like I was back at the beginning of my mission all over again! Isn't that crazy?! oh my goodness. Anyway. That was my little odd moment from church for the week. We also practiced singing, and I can't sing, but they made me sing anyway, just so that it looked like there were more asians on the stage during sacrament meeting. I think this week we were just practicing after church, but on sunday, we'll be singing. pray for the congregation please :P hahahahaha. hopefully nobody complains about that!

Speaking of which, this week was a CRAZY week! So, the police don't really like us, actually, australians don't really like us in general. It was so funny. we were all contacting people and talking to people, and then three police officers came and talked to us (don't worry nothing happened, I remember what you taught me mom about these things) and they said that evidently somebody called and complained that the missionaries were harassing people? Anyway, we talked to them about it and we got gan zou-ed. anyway. since I was the district leader over all the chinese missionaries, I had to figure thigns out between everything and it killed our week. so we didn't have too many funny stories. Except for the fact that my ping pong skills are terrible. I'll tell you about that later :).  SO THIS WEEK! We did a lot of liasoning between ward members, police, office, missionaries and it was a tad bit stressful, but we got it all figured out. we're going to be tracting a lot more! so heads up! there are going to be many much tracting stories :D yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are sometimes the funniest.

Of the tracting experiences... there was this one muslim guy that we tracted and I was so distracted by his hair. He was balding, so his hair was really thin, but the worst part was that it was super long and he smelled like curry! EWwwww! anyway. His forehead was very shiny but, I kid you not, there was a circle of hair growing on his forhead. it was just a circle... like, it was weird. I just kept looking at it to see if it was real or if he had just shaved his head around this circle and then shaved the middle, but it was a LEGITIMATE CIRCLE!!!!!!!!!!!  O.o SO! Jeffrey Yishi! if you can have your dermatologist friend shuoming yixia, that would be lovely. I'm' still stuck on it, it looked so weird. I had to laugh afterwards.... I couldn't stand it.  and he had something orange in his beard..... NOT going to speculate as to what that was.

I think one of the three nephites drove past us the other day and yelled: Jesus Loves You!!!!! :D Or it could've been a member. either way...

it's kinda hard to tell you what happened this week because it was not very long because of hte temple P-day! hahaha. it was good though.  It felt pretty long. OH YEAH! Brother orth's son got baptized and we were able to go  because we brought our investigator along and she really liked it. HOWEVER! in the beginning of the service, there was a cellist who was sitting there and tried playing a few songs... I couldn't even tell what songs they were. ANYWAY. everybody in the congregation was kinda like.... "uh........." and the bishop didn't say anything about it. it was pretty funny. hahahaha. I was dying. my companion and I were laughing so hard. ANYWAY. when Brother Orth and such were getting changed, sister orth asked if I could play the cello while they were changing. SO I did :). Elder Lam (Also at the baptism and described the cello as: "A pig trying to sing bass") had some music, so I looked over his shoulder and played "Our Saviour's Love" and it was good :) I felt better. Afterwards, I played "If the Saviour Stood Beside You" and I think that is my new favourite song ever :) I LOVE IT!  SO I'm going to have Elder Lam Make me a copy. so we can play it later in life :) YAY! i just need a pianist. oh wait! I DOOOOOO!!! :D I love Verina/Future Chen jiemei!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Minus the part where I don't see her for three-four years.... that parts a little sad.

OK! Dad is the BEST! I love him. I've been able to go to a lot of different members' homes and we always feel more grateful for my family.  they're wonderful homes, but it's not the same. Especially when mom sends us pictures of her graduation. Vicky looks like she's so angry out of her skull :)  Thank-you dad formaking me work! it was terrible at the time, but now that I'm older and have retrospective aspect, I'm really grateful for it :)

MOM!!! you are so funny! You're starting to translate again?! oh my goodnes!!! that's super duper exciting! Ig et to brag to everybody that my mom is quatralingual: English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and Mom language :) We try to make kids smile all the time, but I'm not sure I'm as good at it as Mom is! :)  YAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good for you! :)

Jeff! good luck with your tests and stuff!!!!!!! Zhu ni hao yun!! I couldn't figure out what was going on with your email. the characters were a bunch of numbers and stuff, and I don't think I fully comprehend the meaning of your pinyin! but you're right. my chinese is stinky. hahahaha.  Zhong Yan Ni Er. oh yeah! and you're getting married!? Zao Sheng Gui Zi. Bai tou xie lao. Yong yu ai he. (If you didn't notice, I've been studying some chengyu)

Sister chen is THE MAN! I love her. She's super close to finishing her mission though. so I don't lover her as much as I should, but that's ok. she'll be married by the time I get home. wish her the best of luck!  She's killing it!!!!! There aren't any sisters in this mission like her. they're cool, but not hat cool... and the elders get really frustrated sometimes with the sisters.

VERINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already gave you a bit, but you are the est! I wish I could play the piano! everybody who plays the piano is SUPER DUPER Valuable out here.

JON IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about the success you have! You're the man! OH YEAH! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! EARLY!!!!!! sadly, to us, it's not so merry. Everybody is going back to china. so we had to temporarily drop most all of our investigators.

ANYWAY ping pong story. We're teaching this girl named lillian and she's a crazy ping pong player! It's so fun to watch her play because she looks crazy hahaha. you know those old asian guys that are running around screaming and jumping and climbing on the table to play ping pong? yeah.... she's kinda like that. it's pretty cool.  hahahaha.

we didn't have too many stories this week actually... hahahaha. and it was a bit short to take too many pictures, so I didn't really take any pictures. however! I did also film an experience where we killed a zhanglang the size of my HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CAMOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was SUCH A BIG THING!!!!!!!!!!!! and it could fly! but my son drenched it with poison so it couldn't fly. it was too heavy :) YAY! however. we were screaming because nobody wanted to crush it because it makes this sickening crunch sound when it dies.... yeah. ALSO!!!!

Little known fact to me: ZhangLang hui yong cesuo!!!! Zhidao ma? Zhenshide.

We also sprayed poison all around the outside of our house and along the seems of the windows, but it seems like the ants still come in! there are so many of them it's ridiculous! after a day, the floor is black with their bodies... ew. so we have to vacuum every day. we were tempted to do one of those bio bomb things... but decided against it. hahahahaha. we don't want to stay down in the other flats... ten missionaries is too many for one or two flats. O.o

OH YEAH! and a member gave us a lot of eggs this week, and so we didn't have to buy eggs. and the eggs she gave us were HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! they were big eggs. I don't remember what a white egg looks like anymore though. there are no white eggs.

Elder Adams used to make a joke like that. hahahaha. he was be like: Ino rder to have white eggs, you have to have white chickens. Everything is black down here. NO WHITE EGGS!. it wasn't really funny, but since Elder Adams is a senior missionary and he's really old, it was funny. I love the Adam's couple. I mis them, but they're back in america and finished their mission. hahahaha.

Today is Sister Munro's birthday! so wish her a happy birthday! We love her lots and lots. She's the greatest :)

well, I'll probably type dao zheli. :)  LOVE YOU ALLLLLLL!!!

Thanks for sending so many letters and packages!!!!!!! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we as in everybody because they all know I get mail every time :) ahhahahahahahaha

Elder Chen

ps. we have a crazy week lined up. and my english is getting worse and worse!!!!!!! I feel like a terrible trainer sometimes :P hahaha. Mang ren xia ma! :)

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