Wednesday, January 16, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
so this week! we had fun. it was fun. hahahahaha.

I just got your packages. it was crazy because everybody was like: ok guys! it'st ime to get your packages :) SO we went and got our mail and packages and I had like A MILLION packages :) hahahahaha it was too funny. Thank you for the batman mask and socks Jeff hahahahahahahahaha. oh my goodness. I opened it at zone meeting after I just trained about some stuff, I put it on and everybody was like: OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! jealousy hahahahahaha that's too funny. They were all wanting it and I was like... bahahaha that's awkward, because it's mine :) yay. anyway. I'll send a picture in a second with me strutting my stuff. hahaha.

SPEAKING of Strutting stuff. In that picture that looks like my jacket! bahahahahaha. YEH! at least somebody is using it. I was worried that all my clothes would have an awkward shade of yellow or something hahaha because nobody wore it for so long, but it seems like it'll be fine. :) IT"S SNOOWWWWWWWWWW. I haven't seen snow in such a long time! I miss it kinda. It's super hot over here all the time. For example: Today, everybody was sweating like there was no tomorrow. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! we all got to go to the temple today and we have to take public transportation rather than driving our car, so we took the public transportation and it's SUPER HOT AND HUMID!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS :) Thank you for sending that deoderant. I was almost out of the stuff hahaha. I am stinky :) but now I have more hygeine stuff than I ever wanted :) bahahahahaha.

ALSO I dubbed your package the: "Get beautiful package" We were jocking and saying: since I'm going to be going home soon, my parents want me to be beautiful and smell good :) so they sent me protein and cosmetics :) YAY for cosmetics. hahahaha.  I'm on a 14-day process of becoming beautiful :) bahaha. just kidding. I have this tube of toothpaste that guarantees whiter teeth in 14 days. I am now on day 5 of a 14 day process for beauty. :) FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week. I decided to begin studying cantonese. lei gamyab yao me ye zou? :) HORRIBLE pronunciation. I was talking to this guy from hong kong and he told me that he couldn't tell if I was a chinese or American accent... hahahaha.  I decided that chinese kids have the THICKEST australian accentsi n the world hahaha. when they say: I KNOW! it sounds kinda like: OI KNOUER! hahahahaha too much fun.

We had a lot of crazy tracting experiences this week hahaha. there was this one door, we knocked and nobody answered so I told one of my companions to yell: You ren zai jiali ma?! and then this lady poked her head around the corner and was like: you.... WASSAI Waiguoren hui guoyu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was SOOOOO funny. Her name is Li Laoshi and she is the funniest person EVER hahahaha.She invited us in and told us that she was christian and stuff but when we tried seeing what she understood but she was missing lots and lots of information. we asked her what she believed about god and stuff... it was interesting. We decided to teach things to her that were super basic and stuff but she couldn't really grasp it. ANYWAY! we eventually were able to get her to church and it was the greatest thing in the world! hahahahaha. oh my goodness. She sat down on this one row and then all the chinese members and stuff eventually sat around her! hahaha she unified a bunch of people including some australians and stuff. it was way good for everybody. :) so we hope we can baptize her as soon as we completely help her understand and stuff.

Another thing that happened while we were tracting. we tracted into this guy who told us his name was daniel and so we were able to geta hold of his number. so we called him later on and it turns out that the number was actually a guy named daniel, but he was a pastor up in north queensland  BAHAHAHAHAHA haha.  so we assumed that he had dropped us. it was too fun. Oh well.

We had a really fun miracle this week. On munday, we were talking to our zone leaders and they told us to set a baptismal date on monday, so we decided to set a baptismal date. and we had no lessons. so we went out and hoped for a chacne to set a date and then WE SET A DATE. it was this investigator who I ahd taught back in gold Coast, but he moved up here just barely and so we met with him and asked him to be baptized and he said... ok :) so we shall work with him hahaha. :)

I'm going to try to attach photos and stuff, but these computers are really slow and I don't know how it's going to work because the computer always freezes if I send too many so I'll end this big one for now and send a few more of pictures.

OH YEAH!!! Dad! thank you so much for writing me a letter! That totally made my day! haha :) thank you so much for all the encouragement you've given me so far! you are the man!

Mom is the man for helping out so much ahhaha. :) Thank you for al the support you've given me!. :)

Jeff! Congrats on being married. I'm glad your wife is wearing my clothes! hahahahaha just kidding. Congrats! I hope you have a fantastic testing time and stuff. Good luck at school! too much sibling pressure! I always feel bad that I never did lots of things :P hahaha.

SISTER CHEN IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! She's super duper cool and I think we're going to be super cool friends hahaha.

Verina! I'm excited for you to go out and serve! TAIWAN!!! DOUBLE SISTER CHEN! PREPARE TO GET BAPTIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon! welcome to the world of... eyeah.... THE MAN! I'm glad you're super duper active. there are some missionaries taht aren't active... and they're weird bahahahaha.

OH YEAH! can you do a favor for me?

Shout out to Brandy Phan!!!!! :) Who is in vietnam but is still super cool. She said that she can't really get a hold of me, but she can read my blog and tried adding Verina as a friend on Facebook, but she was wondering what my prescription was so that she could send me a pair of glasses. So if you post it on my blog or tell Verina to add her ( actually don't know what her vietnamese name is, or the name on facebook)  but if you put up the prescription, that'd be really cool :)
LOVE YOU ALL! now I'll try attaching the pictures.
Elder Chen

thank you Jeff for your gifts. they have brought joy to us all

This is sister pangue and Elder Sison. all from the philipines. hahaha. everybody guesses that I'm from there so we took the philipino picture at the temple today. they're both in our zone :) hahaha. they are the coolest. and this picture makes me look fat :)
this i our zone :) FIND ME!!!!!!!!!!!! :) hahahahaha. temple day. guess todays lucky color!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRONG!!!!!

it is green!

guess today's lucky number!!!!!!!!!


It is 4.5

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