Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Happy new years!!!!!! :) hahahaha

SO! the new years celebration for us is a p-day!!! hahaha :) so it's new years eve! i know it's still the 30th of december over there, but we get to celebrate things a tiny bit early. I hope church was good for you. It was good for us. Nobody was at church though sadly hahahaha.  all the YSA are in Sydney or Adelaide on something they call convention, which is basically a bunch of them get together and try to find a spouse hahahahahaha.  All our ward missionaries broke up with their girlfriends right before the actual convention so that when they ended up going, the could go and find a wife without a single regret hahahaha :) YAY!!  I'm glad we don't have convention over in the states. It's just called BYU I guess.

Speaking of which!!!!!! I'm really old! hahaha. I just realized that i'm going to be turning 21 this year and I haven't been a teenager for half a year. I think that was a very big step for me :) hahahaha.  OOOOLLLD! I realized this as I was talking to my companions and realized that they graduated from high school 2 years after me O.o OH NO! OLD HEAD. soon, people will be coming out that weren't even in high school when I graduated!!!! bahhahahaha.

This week, we had one of the FUNNIEST adventures.  We have this investigator named Kiki and she is HILARIOUS! she's super super talkative and very excited about life and so whenever she comes to church and stuff EVERYBODY knows her hahahaha.  She's really loud too. Imagine... the most talkative person you have ever met, and then multiply that by like twenty! ahhaha. it's toooo funny. Thank goodness. Most of our investigators were getting boring. hahaha. Kiki is THE BEST!!! :) Sadly, she was on a trip this week, and we weren't able to meet with her, but Elder Johnson gave her a call and she sounded SUPER enthusiastic with HEAPS of energy, but she just told us that she was superd uper tired and wouldn't be able to make it to church. hahahaha. oh man.  She's probably like mom was when she was really young. kiki is married to some guy that i don't think is super excited about church and stuff.

ALSO the christmas festivities were horrible! hahahahaha we kept on eating and eating and eating.  The day I skyped you, it was so funny. RIght after, we went to a meal. so at 10, we had a meal, then 11:30 we had a meal, and then 12:30, we had a meal, and then 1:30 we had a meal after which we had a break till 5 when we had another meal hahahahahaha.  I felt SOOOOO sick.  At the 1:30 appointment, it was a polynesian feed which means HEAPS of meat and stuff, and they wouldn't let us leave until we had finished the food. All of us were miserable. hahahahaha. None of us could eat and we were all just sitting on their couches and trying to eat. I fell asleep halfway through because I was sooo into my parasympathetic nervous system hahaha.  It was bad. they took pictures of me. I don't think I'll send them to you :) hahahaha.

We met up with this chinese guy named peng, he is from shandong, and he is the FUNNIEST person in the world. He's a Ph.D student in Chemical Engineering and really talks really fast. Since my companions are both relatively new, the lesson was basically me and peng talking the whole time hahahahaha. He'd be like "nijinnianduoda?" (SUPER FAST with a SUPER thick dongbei sounding accent) "eh?" "Nijinianchusheng?" (stil really fast and thick) "OOOOH bu shi xue sheng" hahahahahahahaha. I would have to translate back and forth. it was good fun. he's pretty fun to be around. He's really old, but he likes to hang out with young people because that makes him feel cool as well hahaha.  He told us that all his friends are really old and didn't like to do things like go to church and stuff.  He's so funny.

We also tracted HEAPS this week. President wanted us to tract more, and so we've been tracting up the WALL. it's so much fun.  Especially with Elder Allan and Elder johnson. They're so funny.  One of the doors, there was a asian guy that couldn't really understand any english at all, and Elder Allan said: "Hey! would you like to be a mormon?!" BAHAHAHAHAHA. I couldn't stand it. I couldn't even stop laughing enough to translate the sentence ahhaha. The guy was super confused. We didn't get his number, but he wasn't even chinese. I don't remember where he was from. I just couldn't communicate with him!

OH YEAH and then there was this super eppic guy as well. We saw a giant bag of shoes in front of his house, so we decided to ask him about it: "Hey! are these shoes all yours?" "Why?" (super slow) "oh we were just wondering" "I don't understand what you are saying! (points at Elder johnson) YOU! what is he saying?" bahahahahahahaha he wasn't interested at all and he turned aroundto go away, as he was walking away we asked him "Where are you from?"  "I cannot say" bahahaha. so we continued tracting.

The next door was pretty excitinga s well. the person in there was just gardening and it was a really cool front yard so we went in and took some pictures and talked with him, he's from Taiwan and has been here for a long time but every few weeks, he has Jehovah's witnesses come by and annoy him hahahahaha. afterwards, he wasn't interested, but heard me cough and then tried to give me some chinese medicine... it was kinda weird... I've never really trusted that too much. hahaha, it ooked weird.

Well this week, I have to do a training on teaching people and not lessons. HOWEVER. as I was preparing the training, I realized that there was so much stuff about humility!!!!! I learned so much as I was trying to prepare that training. It has to do so much with realizing that you may not be the best at teaching and you have to be exerting so much effort to align your will with god's will. Dallin H. Oaks also said that if we always just wait for the spirit to dtell us what to say, we won't be very successful. it depends a lot on our own preparation and our effort.  More important than speaking is listening. I realized it is better to be the missionary athat listens rather than the missionary that teaches! There is so much I need to learn out here!!!

WEll, I llove you all so much!!! hope you have a fantastinc new years and congratulations Jeff once again. Also Anna is also married? Everybody is getting married!!!! Good thing I have a long time till that :)

Elder Chen

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