Wednesday, January 16, 2013


OK! SO!!!!!! we'll probably skype you around 9 am our time on the 26 so you can talk on christams day. I'll have the orth family confirm it with you before we actually do so I don't call over vicky :) hahahaha. so you can have two separate 40 minute sessions of missionary talk! :) YAY!

SOOOO How was your week!? My week was really really really boring. there are no chinese or taiwanese running around. only a bunch of koreans. it's kinda depressing. we always talk to everybody anyway, but yeah. It was a lot of fun :) OK! SO! today was transfers!!! and DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!! We are in a threesome!!! hahaha. it's almost really exciting. I'm with Elder Allan, and Elder Johnson and I'm supposed to be follow up training them. it's pretty funny. I wasn't really sure if I was supposed to follow up train anybody, but now I have to do both my trainee and Elder lam's trainee. hahahaha. too much fun. ALright. Also here are some pictures :)

I ripped a hole in my other pants :P bahahahaha, GAAAAH! TOO MUCH BIKINGGGGG!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOthe hole is a lot bigger than the picture suggests, and it's on my pigu ahhahaha. I"M FAT!!!! :)

because it is "winter time" int he rest of the world, we decided to have hot pots :) YAY! this is some of the people there. there were more people on the other side of the table, but we're just yeah.... on this side of this table. it's good. We had hot pot! and it wa sgood. They bought a lot of meat. The good thing about the students here is that they're all risch people from china, but it's ok. hahaha. I love them. They are fantastic. It's hard to understand some of them because of their accent but it's good.

and this is elder davies! He is THE MAN!!! i love him. He's from Utah as well. his mom is from Taiwan, but his dad is american so he's a hunxue. It's so funny to serve with him. He's crazy hahahaha. Sadly, he's gone down to gold coast in my stead. but it's ok. He'll be back here. hopefully before I go home.

and this is imp.... he's crazy hahahaha. The other day, we were asking him what his belief in god was. it was too funny. he was telling us that God was a 16 dimensional being that couldn't enter our world because it's impossible for us to enter into a 2d world, but it is definitely possible that he's crazy. soooo. yeah. he said that god doesn't really love us because we can't love paper and stuff. hahaha. it was too funny. 2d vs 3d. OH NO! to much for my brain to handle. hahahaha.OK. so those are some of the pictures that we had this week. it was good. ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!! THE WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!!!!!! That's crazy!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOOD HEAVENS. JEFF is getting married!!!!!!! oh NOOOOOO! that is his wedding announcement isn't it!!!!! OH my goodness. that's crazy! I CAN"T BEILEIVE IT! you're getting married at the end of the world. 

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