Tuesday, April 2, 2013


So our zone and mission both broke the baptismal goals!!!! :) So we just had lunch at president langeland's house and it was super good. but I'm super full. and I think my digestion is slowing my typing speed down ahhahahaha. oh dear. that's no good so todays email may be a tiny bit shorter than usual.... actually recently, more of the emails have been a bit shorter :) hahahaha. oh well. SO evidently the first presidency changed the rules for emailing and missionaries can now email ohter missionaries and there were like a MILLION emails. hahahaha. 

Well this last week, as you can probably tell by the delayed email was temple week :) so we went to the temple. hence temple week :) hahahahaha. I'm so happy that I was able to go to the temple today. I've been so tired lately and my mind has been going everywhere with all our invesitigators and stuff. hahahaha. it's been crazy hahahahahahaha. SOOOO I was able to sit down for a bit in the temple and think about it. hahahaha. that's the oen. :)

Alright. Well guess what! I"M OLD! hahahaha. We went to President langeland's house to have lunch because we broke our baptismal goal and yeah! It's so much fun! hahahaha. he and sister langeland cooked for us (simple but good) and we had fun talking to him. It was funny. during the lunch, elder lee got up and tried to go outside, but there was a window in the way :P hahahahahaha. so he ran into the window, everybody saw it, so he kinda grunted and walked off. it was too funny. hahahahaha. oh goodness. so we got onto the topic of practical jokes on April Fools. President was so mean on April fools hahahahaha. I'll tell you when i get home later in the year :) haha. he is the funniest mission president in the world.

THis week was filled with so many fun weird things that happened. one of the biggest challenges that we've been constantly working to overcome is the logistics behind getting rides to church.... :O. it's so hard to get all of our investigators to church because the church is in such an inconvenient place. half of the time, we have to have our missionary team go out and pick them up. We had to get 16 rides from one place.... too much craziness. GAH!!!! SO MUCH STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway. we've started searching for people with cars to try to ease the burden, but it seems to be an ongoing cycle of stress and stuff. last week we had 40 chinese people at church and more than half of them were non-members. the ward was shocked because the chapel was overfilled and there were so many chinese people. hopefully that will motivate them to be more willing to come out and help us. hahaha. Australia is such an interesting place :)

We also met with ten new people this week! and have been doing a lot of first time meetings with a lot of people!! It's soooo cool :) hahaha. I haven't talked to so many new people in my life! actually, that's a lie, but for some reason, more people are willing to listen and meet with us :) it's really awesome.

One of the investigators that I contacted ages ago went back to china, and just came back. one of the first people he called was.... DUN DUN DUN! the MISSIONARIES!!!!!! GOLDEN!!!!!!!!! hahahaha. it was great because just taught him the day he called because he asked if we had time in the night (which we fortunately did) and yeah! we taught him!!!! he was sooo cool. He brought his girlfriend and told us he was about to buy ac ar so that is a double whammy win :)

ALso, we just got an OFFICE!!! :) hahahahahaa. SO instead of teaching at the mcdonalds or at some random park (students don't like going to their homes) we can go to our office. hahaha. it's funny because when they're in a hard chair, it's hard to get them to talk, but as soon as they sink back into the couches at our office, they just start to go OFF hahaha they talk to mcuh as soon as they feel comfortable. plus.. it has three air conditioning units. we're still in the process of furnishing the thing. for example, we just got the couches yesterday morning. hahaha so office time! YEH! hahaha. it's time to teach!!!! well yeah. so my time is basically up... sorry :( but I'll tell more stories next time :)!!!


Elder Chen

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