Wednesday, March 13, 2013


HALLO!!!! as you can probably tell by the late update, we just had transfers!!!! :D hahahaha It was kinda boring because there weren't too many changes. I think President wanted to infuse Eight Mile Plains with more energy so Elder Bellingham (my MTC companion) Elder Hadfield, and I are now all in Eight mile plains hahahahahah. it's exciting! we're going to smash it. well... we had two baptisms this week. Betty Fu and Cynthia Chu! :) I'll attach the picture of the baptism later hopefully I'll have time to do it :) hahahahahahahaha

ALRIGHT! SO my new companion is!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!! ELDER DAVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. he's a hunxue taiwan american. his chinese is THE MAN because he was born and raised in taiwan and he can speak taiwanese. HE is the GREATEST! hahaha. I'm so excited about working with him. (now I sound like verina's email :P hahahaha) ANyway. he went to Lone Peak for high school so he knows a lot of the people I kenw before my mission. haha unfortunately, we just dropped most of our investigators last week. so we'll be finding a lot :) hahahahaha. YEH!!!!!! the reason we dropped two of them is just because they got BAPTIZE YEH!!!!!! I was super duper excited about their baptisms hahahaha.

The Library keeps announcing their english conversation class and it's really really loud and it's very bothersome.... So I'm going to talk about it while theyr'e announcing it because Ic an't focus on anything else :) hahahahahahaha

OK! So we have this super duper cool investigator named KP (Kangaroo Point) JUUUST kidding. anyway. SHE IS CRAZY COOL!!!!!! she's going to medical school here in australia to become a cardiothoracic surgeon and is the smartest person i've ever met.haha. it's funny sometimes because she'll talk about medicine and I'll remember when she says it, but I'll just pretend like I have no idea what's going on hahahahahaha FOCUS ON MISSION :) YEH!!! Everybody here thinks I'm like a high school student (somebody guessed that i was 16 this week by the way) ANYWAY. she's super nice and gets along with everybody in the ward super well. She keeps asking all these crazy in depth/detailed questions about the scriptures that she notices as she reads.  I don't know if she'll get baptized but I'm hoping! She's such an awesome person and she'd make a fantastic member. all the members here already love her. All she needs to do is figure it out for herself. have an experience on her own and I know that God will give it to her eventually. :) JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS. my vietnamese is TERRIBLE hahahahahahahaha. oh. she's vietnamese by thew ay. And her hyperobservance of the scriptures is crazy weird.

Well, last week, we also gave away our most progressing investigator to the other elders because I felt bad for them. One of the Elders hasn't baptized for the past six months and I really wanted him to get back up on his feet. he had no investigators so I gave him one of our investigators named Jane. (you can't tell him this by the way) well. she's on date to be baptized next week and she's FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She went back to china for a little bit and it was so funny because wehn she came back, she immmediately texted mea nd asked me when I'd be able to help her come to church hahahaha. She's fantastic. HOWEVER! Her nick name is Da long ge! hahahahaha. Big dragon brother. She acts like it all the time :) hahahahaha. She'll always offer to help people and give people umbrellas. she's really talented at drawing as well. One of the things that I noticed was that she has a lot of opposition when she comes to church.  Her land lord is very active in another church and keeps pressuring her to go with her, but she doesn't really like that church. :)

This week, I gained a greater testimony of how the spirit does this work rather than me. I know that I'm not the best missionary out int he field, but God can make up for all of the flaws that I have!!! He takes care of me and makes sure that i don't make massive mistakes :) hahahahahaha.  As I was studying this week, I started reading more out of the gospels. I haven't read through them as thoroughly as I would have wanted so I decided to do it again. in correlation with the book of mormon. It's really hard and confusing to match teh two up sometimes but it really helps me understand so much.  Last week, I started on my search for in depth lesson plans about every topic and it's SOOO crazy hahahaha. Just the first principle has SOOO many different scriptures.  From all of them, The biggest thing that I learned is that God really does love all of us!!! He loves us to an extent that I don't think we can fully comprehend. I love it and I can most definitely feel it in my life.  I've just had to look for it.

Thank you so much for everything that you do for me! :) hahahahaha LOVE YOU ALL LOTS AND LOTS!!!!

in pigeon english it is called Me likem yu plenty plenty. hahaha hahaha.

Love Elder Chen

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