Friday, March 8, 2013


HELLO!!! well it was a pretty short week filled with not many exciting things. there were two baptisms on saturday and stuff. evidently new scriptures are coming out (which is all we're talking about :)) and yeah.... that was about it. I think I emailed you just a few days ago :P hhahahaha.

OI HOWEVER! I just Contacted this one girl who is EXACTLY like me!!! it's kinda really creepy. hahahahahaha. When we teach her, I know EXACTLY what her concerns are going to be because they're the exact same things that I would have said. it's kinda weird. She's super smart and always has these crazy questions about little details that I have to research and stuff. it's crazy. anyway. she's super cool and her parents are buddhist/christian. we taught her the word of wisdom and she was totally down with it because her mom makes her follow the word of wisdom down to the tea hahaha. it's fantastic! So she doesn't have any problems with the commandments, she just has to start believing it. If she's as stubborn as i am, it'll take a really long time :P hahahahahaha

Also this week, we met with this guy named Frank! He's SOOOOO cool. We went by his house and he told us that it wasn't a good time because his fangdong was about to drop in to collect rent and stuff (it sounds like a publican for some reason) so he told us to come back when he called. and he called right when his house lord left hahaha. he's super nice but I'm not sure how far into the gospel he's going to end up. he has a lot of preconcieved things about us and we're helping him understand a bit more, but he doesn't let go of a lot of concepts that his friends tell him. It's kinda frustrating because his friends have told him so many bad things and that's what he believes :(

We also discovered that most every church in this area is super scared of us :P hahaha. there's a church called the logos church, and we talked to one of their members and wanted just to talk with them and they wouldn't talk to us... :( misunderstanding is the father of fear. I just wish people could understand. I didn't want to bash their doctrine or scriptures or anything, I just wanted to talk and kinda understand what their church did and then they totally ignored us.

haha oh yeah. funny missionary experience from one of our ward members: He's a very elderly gentleman and one time, he sat down at the bus stop and decided to talk to a young bloke sitting next to him and share the gospel. he said "Hi, how are you?" and the young man turned to him and said: "Good, I'm evangalizing right now, would you like to come to church?" bahahahahahaha. our member just said: "I was just about to invite you to church. Have you ever read the Book of mormon?" bahahahahahaha. I LOVE OLD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also this week, one of the people baptized's father is a malaysian dude who can speak like a million different languages. It was pretty awesome talking to him. he can speak taiwanese as well. Who would have thought :p.  evidently lots of fujien people move over to malaysia and stay there forever :) hahahaha :) YAY!!!!!!!

Well, love you all! sorry for the short email. not much happened except it's been raining down here for the past two weeks and it's not stopping.  asians don't like the rain so they cancel our appointments. yeah..... Oh well :) it's ok. we still love them. and the rain. and australia.... kinda :P hahaha. just kidding. it's a great place when I'm not getting skin cancer :P


Elder Chen

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