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OKAY!! SO there really wasn't too much exciting going on this week except for GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!! YEH!!!!!!! We have general conference available in chinese, so I sat in the chinese section with our investigators. hahaha, it was really funny because my investigator was watching my face as I was watching conference and she said that I made really funny faces. She knew when I didn't understand a part because my eyes got big and I'd start smiling hahahahaha.  Anyway.  It was still really uplifting. The translator must have stood upa nd left halfway through the sunday morning session because we heard "Qing..... shenme? Oh..." hahahahahaha, our investigators were all like.... ??????? hahaha.  It was good though. I DID have to run to the english section to listen to Elder Holland's talk though. The translator wasn't doing it quite right. I think it'd be really hard to translate for him.  When I got back, A few of the chinese people were alseep. hahahahahaha. OK :) YEH!!!!!

During personal study, I was going through second nephi again, and then stumbled across a verse that talks about fatness hahahahaha. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't stop laughing and my companion was like.... wha? anyway. I thought it was pretty funny. especially because my companion is already gaining weight O.o hahaha OH NO!!!!!!!!!! it was just like me when I first got out here. I put on heaps of weight, now I don't worry too much. Don't worry, I promise I won't come home fat. I don't like being fat. Plus we get to play a lot of sports.

Well today, we packed up all our stuff and MOVED!!!!!! WAHOOOO! to a brand new flat... well not really brand new. It smells like indian food and indian people.... hahaha.  And there's this stain in the carpet and i think it's curry. I didn't want to smell it.... I just hope it's curry. I'm now really worried about it. ANYWAY We spent the whole morning buying tables, and desks, and refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, deng deng.  It was an adventure. I NEVER want to buy furniture for my house.  If I ever have to buy furniture, Ill let my wife do it. Or I'll just live in a box... sit on a box, and work on a box. Thank goodness I don't have to spend much time at home anyway. :)  ANYWAY. so because we've been running arounda ll morning, I haven't had a chance to go home and grab my camera so.... no pictures :( sadly. Soon though :) yeh! that's the one. hahaha.  I promise I'll have pictures soon.

Well things that happened this week........ When we tract, it's really funny, because we talk to EVERYBODY. so, we planned on tracting two streets in a day, but since there were so many people on the street, we took 5 hours to tract ONE street. hahahaha.  My companion and I came home and were going to mark off the tracting map but then we discovered that it had already been tracted BAHAHAHHA so it looked like we actually didn't do anything that day, but in reality we SAVED SOULS hahaha.

One of hte funniest things to do is to run into buddhist people because as soon as they see us, they say: OH NO! I'm BUDDHIST!!!! NO! and so we say: "OH good!!!! We're only talking to buddhists today" and then they get really confused and then yeh.... :) Before we did that, most people would just say: Bu hao yisi, wo xin fo. but now, they're like... oh... families!?! eternal?! FOREVER?! YES! and then we get a return appointment. Sadly, all the people in our areas are students so they can't meet up for a while. It's finals season :(. Nobody wants to meet with us. BUT it's ok. We find ways to weasle our way into their little hearts. like offering free dinner (fast breaker) and parties (FHE) YEH!!!! and they really like it, so yeah... It works out in the end.

Our ward mission leader served his mission back athousand years ago in taipei taiwan and keeps telling us these stories about his mission in taiwan. THey scare my companion really bad and so he never wants to go to taiwan, but now I want to go to taiwan ALL THE MORE!!!!!!!!! There are so many cool things to see and do in taiwan and there are so many people that sound prepared. But Australia has a crazy amount of prepared people as well. We just have to go and find them.

I Was talking to elder balmforth the other day, and it aws really funny. I was just joking around with him because there's a talk called: Create success, by russell m. ballard. I was saying: Don't just find a family.... CREATE a family!!! hahahahahaha, It brought me back to the talk which says. there is succes out there to be found, but how often do you hear of people finding a treasure by themselves.  CREATE success!!!!!! We always hear of people creating their own success. Nobody just stumbles on any form of success. YOU MUST CREATE IT! anyway. it was pretty funny in the moment, now that I'm thinking about it right now, I realize that we really will end up creating families.... but that's later.

We started working with one of the coolest members ever! We found out that he was just a little scared off back when he was 16 when his bishop started talking to him about his mission. Anyway. he's now much older, married and has a kid, and he's always wanted to come back to church, he just never knew how, or if the bishop wanted him because he didn't serve a mission.  He was a convert and so we talked to him about the missionareis taht baptized him. HE IS THE MAN! we told him that we'd like to work with him to get back to the temple, and eventually get the melchezidek preisthood! When we followed up later that week, he said: "I want to go to the temple. What do I need to do" so, we're working on it. There's a lot of improvement to be made, but he has the desire and is willing to remake those changes in his life. I'm really excited to be working with him.  The elders quorum president had written him off as lost but then we stumbled across him in front of his home (Which is really close to our old home)  So yeh!!!! NEVER GIVE UP!! I wanted to find some deep way of saying that, but i'm pretty boring.

Lets see... what else happened this week.....we had several investigators give us a call and tell us that they wouldn't make it to church because of being drunk........ finals are happening right now, so nobody really has time to run into us, but we always see them with their friends.... GAH!!!! I AM SAVING YOUR SOULS! hahah :)

I can't seem to remember too much about this week. hahaha.  One of my recent converts called me from gold coast just to tell me that they started paying their tithing because they jsut got a joba nd they were really excited about it. hahahahahaha. Since I jsut disappeared from Gold Coast (we got our call on tuesday, and had to move on wednesday) they were all "mad" at me because I didn't say bye to them bahahaha.  It thought it was pretty funny.  I told them that I wasn't supposed to call or anything and that I didn't have any time to visit people, except for the ones at the church that night. ANWYAY. they were all just wondering if I had done seomthing bad and had to go home hahahahaha. It was pretty sudden now that i think of it. hahaha. oh well.

Speaking of which. it sounds like mom and dad are doing GREAT!!!!!!! hahahahaha. oh my goodness. I love hearing about all the things you're doing.

Jeff is going crazy at medical school! hahaha, the man. I'm sure he'll smash everything. He always does. I'll pray for him anyway though.

Sister chen is my HERO!!!! She's the greatest!!!!! She's having so much success up in taiwan. Sister missionaries can do things elders could never do. It's crazy hahahaha.

Verina is going to Japan?! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! WOAH!!! Good lucka nd have fun there! we talk to so many japanese people aroudn the place and they're super nice, they just don't like talking about religion. It's ok though :)

JONJON IS THE MAN!!!! YEH!!!!!! you must be SMASHING IT!!!! GO YOU!! hahaha. you're going to pass me up before your mission! what a crazy cat!  keep up the good work! I've got something for you. :) but you'll have to wait a year before you get it.

Lots of Love, I hope you're all doing fantastic! Keep up the good work!

Elder, Chen

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