Sunday, November 25, 2012


So once again we had a crazy amount of no email yesterday because of the queens birthday. This is the second time they've celebrated the queens birthday in one year.... I'm not sure about that. I'm kinda concerned about this place :P bahahaha. SO evidently the queen has multiple birthdays a year. Yikes.  Anyway, so that's why the email is late again :( sorry! It might happen a lot because of the random crazy things that Australians like to do randomly.  For example. One week, the libraries just decided that they didn't want to work. bahahaha :P.

OK> SOOOOO update on the newest area in the brisbane australia mission: We are still finding lots of people. haahahaha.  I joke with my companion that president must not like me because this is the second time I've had to create a brand new area.  like a brand new area. NO nothing. :( SOOOO when we reported our numbers, we had SO many finding hours bahahahaha. When we reported it at zone meeting, everybody was like: WAH?! bahahaha. fun fact: We had 30 hours of finding. the mission standard of excellence is 14. bahahaha, I wish we had lessons> this week we'll have less because I have to take my son to the new missionary meeting :)  He's a funny kid. He's very very utahn. hahaha. Even more so than I.

One day, we were sitting at the bus stop talking to people when one of hte old hong kong ladies started talking to my companion. She asked him if she was from America: "Ni shi mei guo ren ma?" and my companion looked so scared ahhahahahahaha.  I just sat and kept talking to the person next to me while she tried asking him many different questions but to no avail. ahahhaha.  I had to try so hard to stop from laughing. Elder Allan was so scared. Anyway. After my person left, I turned around and started talking to her, found out that she's from hong kong and she really lieks missionareis, but thinks she's too old for the gospel (This whole time, Elder Allan was really lost) (her cantonese accent was really really thick) anyway, one of her friends sat next to her and joined in the conversation. She wasn't interested either. THen another hong kong lady sat down, she wasn't interested. and finally a cantonese person sat down next to all of them and she was interested!!!!! it was crazy. SHe started asking me where I was from ( they thought I was taiwanese! YEH!) but I told them I was from America, and then the hong kong ladies were like: "kan bu qulai". Yes, I am american with taiwanese parents... that was a really long boring story.

Zhong qiu jie kuai le!!!!!! :D

I learned a really good congratulations that I've been saying to all our friends. They think it's really funny. It's pretty funny if I don't say so myself :P bahahahaha. Zhu Ni zao sheng gui zi. hahahaha.. YEH!!!!!! Anyway, I said that to all the missionaries every time I said hello or goodbye.

Hmm... what else happened. We just found a lot. I don't really think that many things happened while we found. Pretty normal throughout the day.

We went tracting, but since there are eight missionaries in this area, everywhere has been tracted and stuff hahahaha.

I had some moon cake :) YEH! Moon cake YUMMEH! hahahaha.

OH NO! i didn't take a picture of the van! I drive this massive van down here now. We call it Teancum/the MAV. Teancum because it's a crazy thing and it can just go and when we're ready to go, eight missionaries pile out bahahaha.  So we just go in, smash an area and then pile back in the van. It's the greatest bahahahaha. just like teancum. The MAV stands for: Mormon Assault Vehicle. hahaha. it's so cool. I talked with the priests in our ward and they were excited for doing extra splits so we can do a blitz. since we ahve eight full-time missionaries, the blitz would result in 16 missionaries running around the area tracting, teaching, street contacting, etc... it's going to be CRAZY bahahaha.

OH yeah, for zone p-day, we went with another zone as well to go and play some sports at a park nearby. It was good. There were a LOT of missionaries especially since there were two zones and a lot of mini missionaries. There were a lot of missionaries.

I'm kinda ranting right now. THere really doesn't happen too many things in this area because we've got no investigators or anything. We get to find a lot

Oh, we're going to move into a new flat. The mission just barely bought a new flat for us! So we're not going to be in a four-way flat with The english elders anymore. and it'll be in the heart of our gqing area. :) HOpefully we get two cars instead of one massive van because two cars would be much better.

Lets see... OH YEAH! One of the people that we work with a lot is brother Wang.  He is increidble. He's an emeritus seventy over the asian area, butnow he's here with us starting asian programs in Australia. He is incredible. There is so much that he wants to do!!! He told us the story of his conversion and how the missionary that baptized him felt like he didn't do well. The missioanry came to hong kong, but left really quickly He wasn't able to serve a full two years in hong kong, but the one person that he baptized was brother wong.  As a result of that one baptism, their family produced seven full-time missionaries, two bishops, a stake president, a 70, and a mission president! HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT!!!!!! It makes me feel so much better about everything that we do.  Even though sometimes we feel like we don't do much, the lord has things in mind!

Elder Allan and I want to focus on finding families this transfer. I've baptized plenty of students and stuff, but I've never been able to baptize a family.  I've wanted to find a family for so long, so I will definitely let you all know about all the families that we find.  I'm really excited because we have so much time to go out and find the people that the lord has prepared for us! It's going to be fantastic! hahaha.

Well, love you all, gotta go!

Elder Chen


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