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VERINA IS GOING TO TAICHUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think I'm able to convey that over the email. When Brother Orth called me to tell me about her call, I started SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!! It was soooo crazy. I'm glad it wasn't Temple Square :) hahaha, Verina!!!!!!!!!! You're going to do so well in Taiwan!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! YOu are the greatest!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!  You know Marina? She even called up from gold coast to let me know about your call! hahahaha, the members all love you already, and they don't even know it.

We just baptized Two people from taizhong on saturday. It was really funny. We found their friends on the street. While we were waiting for our investigator to come to the bus stop to meet with us, I decided to talk to these people over here and it turns out they were really really cool. Our investigator never came, so we decided to teach them instead :). Later, we invited them over to an activity where they brought their friends Cindy and Leon! :) THEY ARE THE COOLEST!!!!!!!!!! It was so funny. We were really worried about the law of chastity cuz they were living in the same room, but then, it just turns out that they're married :) so it's all good :) YAY! and now they're baptized. When you go to Taizhong as a missionary and you find people baptized in Brisbane :D ask who baptized them!!! :) YAY! it might've been us. I think I've sent three or four people back up to Taiwan. :) We'll baptize more soon! ahhaha

I still can't get over the fact that Verina's going on a mission. you're way too cool for school!

MOM!!! I bet you're so super duper excited about it all! I wish I could've been there to see mom's face. hahaha, that would've been crazy! Mom is so funny. Cindy and Leon thought you looked super smart hahahahaha. That was different. I think it was just because they're from Taiwan as well and understand that old taiwanese people still look really young. hahaha, so they just said you looked smart. :)

DAD is the man! thanks for supporting us all out here. I know it can't be very easy to have three missionaries out at a time, but we're super glad you could help us! I don't know what we'd do without you :)

Jeff is still the man. I wish I could skype every sunday, but i'm glad I get to concentrate on teh work.

Sister Chen is a MONSTER in Taiwan!! She's super cool and my ouxiang.  hahahaha.  I want to baptize somebody from taipei and then send them to Sister chen to say hi, it'l be much easier now that there's going to be two sister chen's (excluding the ones not related to us) in taiwan. :)

VERINA VERINA VERINA, you get enough because that whole first part was for you. :) zhu ni shenti jiankang, Gongxifacai, zao sheng guizi.... bahahahaha. :) I'm learning congratulations from this kid at church ahhaha. so everytime I see him I tell him those three and he laughs :).  He's super fun. I think he's like 6 years old and THE MAN! it's so funny to watch him jibber jabber away in Chinese and then switch into an australian accented english. hahahaha, he likes to play magic tricks and ninja destruction. His mom is super cool because she's super duper active and takes care of all our recent converts taht go into relief society.

JONJON!!!! is he really getting a drivers license?! what in the world?! crazy head. Soon he'll be dating. that'll be crazy. He'll be teaching me some dating tips by the time I get home bahaha.

Well, now our ward has 10 missionaries, and it's crazy. so our bishop wanted us to set down and organize ourselves before we start baptizing like crazy. President really wants so many members in this area that it's funny.  We've been working really hard and baptizing a lot. It's so fun. He's starting to pull al the chinse missionaries from all the areas, and focus them in EMP.  hahahaha. SOOON we shall have a branch up and running. We already have many members, but we just need to activate a lot of them and make sure the rest of them don't go back to China or taiwan or Malaysia. it's super cool.  the malasian members are crazy. they can speak cantonese, mandarin, and malay (SPelling?!)

hmmm... what else has happened? There are a lot of chinese people in this area :) I love it.

OK So the pictures :) the first picture is of Tom, me, Leon, and my Son, elder Allan (his FIRST baptism ever!!! YAY!) Tom is the man, mentioned later, leon just got baptized with his wife, and yeah....

SECOND PICTURE!!!! LEON AND CINDY!!! they are in love :) and married! and they love each other. and are married to each other <(^o^)> YAY FOR ETERNAL MARRAIGE! The lesson this sunday was perfect because it was on the TEMPLE! and we had three married people int he class with us and it was PERFECT! I mean three couples... not three people... no we do no practice odd-numbered marriages... The church is still true.

THIRD PICTURE AND LAST!!!! SO... I'm not sure who sent this handkerchief thing to me but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I wear it as my thinking cap (thank you jeff) to keep my hair down when I go out. Everybody says I look like a black pirate :) hahahaha. Too many people here guess that I'm from Africa because my skin is really dark now.. :) just kidding. but not really. Somebody just guessed I was from South Africa AGAIN! stinking Macao people! They always say I'm from africa! I"M NOT FROM AFRICA! so the shelf in the back was put together by the indefegatible me :D bahahaha. Thnks mom for making me make all those furniture sets :) I basically built this house! YEH!!!! hahaha.  So the shelves go from Elder ladd (top), Elder Lee (second top), me :D, and my son, bottom :).  YEH!!! Cleanliness! ps... I'm going to get a haircut soon... I need it. I also need to jian fei.... I've gotten too pang.

OH We just met this chinese guy named Tom, and he's super cool! He's going to go and study medicine! We invited him to come to the baptizm with us, but nobody lived that way, except bishop. :) so we had bishop give him a ride down to the chapel for the baptizm. It was really cool because they're both medical and they both went down the same educational path and both got rejected from teh same school and had to try again. In church, he asked me if he got the priesthood after he was baptized. I told him yes :) hahahaha.  So we're going to baptize him!!!!! I don't even know how we stumbled across Tom. it was really cool though.  The ward LOVES him.  There are two of our investigators that they all really love! Tom, and Bella. Both of them are super nice to the ward and are very sociable.  They're really in tune with the spirit, and so the ward loves them all. we're going to marry them :P hahaha just kidding. we won't... unless they want tooo!!! hahahahahaha.

Bella is super cool because she keeps texting us about how her prayers are going and how her studies of the book of mormon are going. She can't meet with us because she's working and in the middle of Finals, but she told us that it was much easier to understand the book of mormon than the bible and she believes it is true.  She also LOVED church and really wanted to keep coming, but her work schedule with her finals weren't letting her continue to meet with us until the end of this week.  We're really excited because Brother Orth is fellowshiping her because his wife is studying psychology, which is the same subject as bella :).. yay for perfect fellowships everywhere. We're going to baptize her on the same day as their son is getting baptized! Cool huh? And it's the same day taht We have tom set for, as well as hugo.

The more I work in this area, the more I realize that the lord is preparing the way for all of His children to meet his gospel.  I LOVE IT!!! The lord takes average people and turns them into His representatives and sends us on our merrry way to go and find His children. How do we find? I have NO idea. we just sit down next to people and then they give us their address and phone number, then we teach them for a short season and suddenly they're baptized! All of the baptizms I've had in my past were all crazy! I didn't even feel like I did anything. I just opened my mouth and things happened.  I feel so blessed to be put in this area.  I love having the opportunity to meet with all the crazy Beijing people and dongbei with their crazy accents. I love meeting EVERYBODY here! it's fantastic. I don't know what Im' doing, but It seems to work well into the Lord's plan so I'm going to keep doing it. Maybe try to change a few things for the better. :) I have so much to learn. LETS START LEARNING!!! LEARN LEARN LEARN LEARN LEARN LEARN LEARN YEH!!!!

Well, much love and I'm so glad I got to email you guys and stuff. :) it always make me happy to email you all! GREAT SUCCESS!!!!!!!


Elder Chen

I'm still not over the fact that Verina's going to Taizhong!!!!!!!!! HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her chinese is going to be better than mine... I think God is trying to teach me a lesson here.

Viola: Verina is better
Basketball: Jon is better
Chinese: Verina is better
Math: Jon and Verina is better

TIME TO GO HUMBLE STYLE!!! :D hahaha, don't worry it doesn't bother me. I've set aside my pride and I'm all good now! :) yay for no pride.

ps. (Text recieved from a korean: THANK YOU SO MUCH CHAN!!! I love you! will you marry me?) bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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