Sunday, November 25, 2012


ANother week! this area is WAY too fun for us. hahaha. I don't even know what I'm doing, but I felt like I just emailed you a minute ago! O.o hahaha, but here we are now, and here's another email. :) Well, today, we did service for one of our members (I'm trying to get to know the area better, it's kinda hard becaues I need to get to know all the members, missionaries, investigators, and area geography. I'm driving again. :P hahaha. but I know the Lord is deffinitely helping me.  It's so great when I finally get to know who is who, and see who needs what.
WEll, its the season again for birds to be angry. You know that one game angry birds? well, we have real angry birds here.... again. they're very angry.  The other day, we were driving to an appointment when we saw five girls screaming and running around, trying to run towards a car, but always turning around half-way. hahaha. it was so funny. I felt bad, and so we pulled over to see if they nneeded anything (mostly we were really confused) and then we saw one of the girs suddenly duck, and a bird was swooping them. hahaha.  it was actually two or three birds I think. when we realized what was happening, we started laughing and drove off. hahahaha. ok, that sounded really mean, but they were ok. I hope.  Karma served well, and it turns out we were swooped as soon as we got out of the car. Sorry jeff, I did not punch the bird. I was actually scared for my life. SO. now we wear helmets :P hahaha, just kidding. We just run really fast. and pray a lot. hahaha.
Also, one of the funniest things about gold coast is that the people here must love missionaries even though they don't really want to talk to us. All the time, I see all these people, and they always look like they know who I am, and talk to me and stuff, but when I say hi to them, they don't really know what's going on, so we get their number. it's funny because it's happened so many times. WE're walking on the street, they see me, and smile and do the eyebrow raise thing, so we talk to them, they didn't know what church we're from, they want to come to church, we get their number, and then we give them to the english elders. that happened five times one day. I was really frustrated because they weren't chinese at all. most of them were australian and one was persian. I didn't even know there were persians out there in the world. hahahah, but there are. oh well.
Also, we had one of the funniest things happen to us the other day. we met this lady who was from the phillipines, and she was interested in meeting us, so we got her number and then she started speaking chinese, and so we could keep her. YEH.  well, she told us to go to "her house" that tuesday to meet up. well, we went there, and turns out it was a big buddhist convention with heaps of buddhist monks teaching everybody and having fun. it was the best. and then they fed us vegitarian food, and then they came and bible bashed with us. :(
Well, I'm sorry I don't really have too much time today to email. I need to prepare a training because we have zone meeting tomorrow :( and I have to go out and meet with some other ward mission leaders, and go and serve a few of the ward members. hahaha. Sorry :( I'll email you more next week.
OH yeah, I met this guy named Albert Wong (Al Wong) and we started talking and it turns out that he lived in utah before and went to Asian ward :) We kept talking and it turns out that Meagan's Dad was his young men's president!!! WOAH! so here's a picture of him for you. :P hahaha. he said he loved Howard hahaha.  He's the man.
SO the first picture should be with Al and his Kid, he's really good. He's our assistant ward mission leader.
The second picture is the two kids we baptized this week :) yeh! they're going back to china really soon.
Hopefully I'll send you more next week!
Love you all!
Elder Chen

Note: Elder Chen forgot to attach these pictures, but you guys get the idea! :) Go Elder!

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