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Hello from down under :D yeh! we just had transfers, and it was a party hahahaha. Every single chinese companionship had a change. which made me really sad because Elder Chen is the MAN. I love him. he was the greatest ever. It'd be funny serving with him longer, but I know the Lord needs him in different areas to make those areas flourish as well. I love being in Gold Coast. hahaha :) It truly is the greatest thing ever hahahaha.  Elder Chen will be truly missed, but we well try to survive without him here :(
Mom is in Taiwan baptizing more people than I am out here :P hahahaha. you are such a great example. Whenever I see a person that reminds me of mom, I'll go out and talk to them hoping that I'll baptize somebody just like her, but mom's type is very rare to happen across. :p hahaha, but I know they're out there and we need to find them :).
Dad is the MAN. I love hearing about all that he does and he's such a great example of love to me. I definitely always think of Mosiah 4:14-16 (I think, it might cha a few verses) I'm not sure, my memory isn't too good :P hahaha.
Jeff is killing it as usual. He's to be married soon. I hope I stay in goldcoast until then because I LOVE this area. Plus, we'll have heaps of baptisms then :)
Vicky is the best! Hahaha, she's such a fireball missionary. I'm sure you already know that though haha.
Verina: GO AND WIN!!! hahaha, some of the members here get to hear about how cool you are and so they want to find you on facebook :)
Jon is a skuxx delux. hahaha.  I'm sure he's a monster dancer and longboarder now.
Well, first of all: here are the pictures :)  

The first one is of our Isle of Capri Elders :) Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan. ALL represented here. Olympics are fun to talk about because... yeah. Evidently north korea's doing really well. I wish I had taken some pictures of our Cooey (come out and meet people thing I can't remember what the whole thing stands for. I really have no idea. hahaha. too much.
The second is Chens and friends :D hahaha that's the waith family who has helped us SO much. they're really cool I love them. We go over to their house SOOOOO much.
Third, is the food that they gave us. It was a lot of food. It's lasted us a loooooooong time. I'm not sure if we'll finish it any time soon, but hopefully we'll not have to buy too much food this week :D yeh!
Finally is Lawana, or sister Hou, she's real cool. GOLDEN baptizm. there was one concern when she had to go and talk to her parents about it, but it was all goods. now she's going to be the sunday school something president. i'm not sure. but I think it'll be really good for her.
anyway, updates on this week.  We went up to teach some more kids up in coomera and it was so fun.  We joined them in their sports day and they LOVED it. Elder Chen and i were having so much fun, and at the end, all of the kids ran up to us and asked us to take pictures with them all. So I spent a long time taking pictures with all these little kids, and yeah. it was really fun.  They played four square, bullrush, touch, lamb slap, etc. it was crazy. Anyway, they're all going back to hong kong, and they told us that they had seen missionaries in Hong kong all the time (go Jeff!!!) BUT they thought the missionaries were weird (BOOOO! :P hahaha) hahaha, and then they now know that we're not weird :) so. Hopefully this is plantinmg the seeds of the future generation of the church! OH YEH!!!!!!!!!
One of the craziest things though: We were talking to one of the teachers from china china, like not open to the church china, and somehow Elder Ballard was brought up, and she knew who he was!!!!! WOAH!!!!!!! CRAZY huh? anyway. We quoted him, and then she was like: oh yeah, I know who taht is, and one thing lead to another, and hopefully she'lll be baptized soon! WAHOOO! yay for the lord doing the work for us. Sometimes I feel really lazy because I really don't do that much.  But That's when we know that we're doing the work of the Lord. :D YEH!!!!
Well, my new companion is...... drumroll. ELDER HADFIELD!!!! YEH!!!!!!! I've always wanted to serve with him. YEH!!! man, I'm super excited about this transfer because, even though we baptized all of our investigators, we're going to find heaps of new investigators andTEAR IT UP!!! he's such a great missionary.  hahaha.  I'm super duper excited. I know that he's a really hard worker, and so we're going to smash it here. We basically have served our whole missions around each other. it's crazy. We've only had two trasnfers where we haven't been living within two seconds of each other. hahahaha. so finally we serve together in da GOAL COAST.  WE're going to be smashing records, and taking names :D YEH!!!!
Oh yeah, quick request, could you send me the recipe for crepes and german chocolate cake? Random, I know, but the other day, we wanted to bake brownies or cake for our recent converts (we have a lot) and it was really expensive to buy those packets that you just have to add water (aka $8 for one packet) We have all the ingredients to bake stuff (there must've been a home-making elder in this flat before) but we don't know how. I especially crave that german chocolate cake topping. anyway. If you could send that, that would be amazing :D ( worry not, I am not a sister missionary)
Oh yeah, new quote from Elder Vea, the tongan man (I Have Giff of You) bahahahahaha. (I have a gift for you) I love Elder vea. It was really funny because I started to learn to do tongan dances (which are SOOO funny by the way) and he told me that  If I went to tonga he would let me stay at his house. hahaha, He told me I was the most tongan asian ever. YEH. TONGA!!!!
The way to show a tongan y our love is by giving them food. just give them food and they'll know that you love them. it's so crazy. They don't care about money or anything.  If you give them a gift, they'll love it, but if you give them food, they will love you. it's so funny. hahaha.  I bought 2 pounds of bacon for Elder Vea one time and he was so happy hahahaha. I can't describe it. it's too funny.
speaking of funny: this has happened a few times, so it might not be funny, but I still think it's funny.  We ran into a man the other day who had met jesus evidently.  Well, he started ranting and raving about stuff (doesn't sound funny right now, but wait for it) anyway, I don't know if I've told you that Elder Chen Does Gong Fu. the same gong fu as bruce lee. anyway, the guy was pointing at us, and then almost poked elder chen in the chest, but then elder chen did his gong fu thing and I was really confused, and then yeah. it was a pretty funny moment. hahaha. we laughed about it later and elder chen joked about how he used to be like that. bahahaha.  so LEARN GONG FU before your mission. it makes it a lot funnier. hahaha
another funny moment: This has happened a few tiems as well, which makes it all the funnier :P. The first time it happened was with some chinese girls.  and then with hong kong girls, and then it just happened again with more hong kong girls.  I think our ward mission assistant leader is getting sick of it. anyway. basically, these girls start crushing on me, and then he has to explain to them in cantonese some proverb that means keep a professional distance. hahaha.  Elder Chen made fun of me, anyway. So yeah. thank goodness they all leave so I don't have to get ET'ed :P. yeh!!!
because of transfers, p-day is already over :( but i'll make sure to write more later. :)
Well, I love you all and hope you all have a beautiful day!
Elder Chen
ps. Elder Hadfield has gotten Yellow fever bahahahahahahahahaaha
pps. I got your package with the vitamins and mashed potatoes, and dried fruit and nuts and Combat Nike Dri-fit AMAZING shirt. hahaha. I love it. It looks super comfortable. It looks like I'll wear it a bit now because the weather is pretty cold. It's raining right now. hahahaha but don't worry about sending me too many clothes. I think I'll be fine without too many clothes. I have too many as it is :D
ppps.  I LOVE THIS AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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