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Sadly, australians don't really like halloween and stuff, so I wasn't sure until president gave me a chocolate bar bahahahaha. So happy halloween! :D YEH!!!! I hope you have some fantastic plans all lined up and some adventures to be on.... whenever your halloween is. I don't know about you, but I'm going out and street contacting :D YEH! SO the new trainee is coming in today, so.... a lot of things are going to be changing a lot. hahaha.we have lots of chinese missionaries. I'll tell you that story later :) YAY!

OK! NOW. Sister Chen is a FIREBALL! she's super cool! MAN! she's finding all these golden investigators in crazy ways. I wish I could do that. THere aren't enough people here to go street contacting though.  I tried it one day, and we had a whole fifteen minutes of just walking around and seeing nobody. Anyway.  We just stay at the bus stop now and it's a lot of fun. Tracting is a lot of fun too, however. sometimes awkward things happen at the doors. Anyway. Moral of the story: Sister Chen is THE BEST! I hope I can be a missionary like her. I don't even feel like I've been out longer than her! weird eh?

Dad loves sushi!!! I LOVE SUSHI!!!!! That is the most common food over here. there are so many sushi shops.... all run by koreans..... hmmm.  I still miss dad's sushi a lot. It was really good. hahaha, but we never have time to make that kind of stuff. though my companion just got all the stuff shipped to him from his friend.... who lives over here.... hahahahahaha. it's really good. the members take really good care of us. I have gained more weight again bahahaha.  but I love it.

Verina's papers are in!!! WHOOOOOOOO! I wonder where you'll serve.... I think you'll serve in taiwan.  That'd be cool. and you can serve with sister chen!!!! Sister Chen + Sister Chen = TAIWAN BAPTIZED!!!!! YEEEEAAAAH! hahaha. You're going to be such a great missionary Verina!!!! Not many of the Elders really like the sisters, but I'm sure everybody loves sisterchen and Verina :) HAHAHA.  We did a role play the other day to a sister, and it was funny. She was trying to be such a difficult investigators, but since we knew our scriptures we were able to smash all of her concerns really quickly and bring it back to the lesson. the zone was laughing so hard as we did the role play because the sister was trying so hard, but we were able to smash them all :). Yay for preparation!

Jonjon is the MAN! I keep hearing really good things about your life and stuff. I hope you continue doing really well! You're teaching your classmates math?! THE MAN!!!!!!! I was never really good at math. Seems like you're going to be way cooler than me when I get home. Keep up the good work!

Jeff is always the man as well. All I hear about you is that your classes are really hard.... so.... gai yao (my cantonese is horrible, but I still talk about you whenever i talk to a HongKongesereser.... whatever.) hahaha,

MOM!!!! Brother Orth told me that he emailed you and that you responed really quickly. :) We had hot pot and it was really good. We taught our investigator and she really like the hotpot. I don't think she remembered the lesson hahaha. Now in our ward you're famous. Sister Munro knows you and so does Brother orth, and they both talk to people about Elder Chen's mom :) hahaha. They all say you're really cute.

We talked to the AP's the other day about our area. it was really funny because it's the newest area in the mission, but now it's the best area in EMP zone bahahaha YEH for the Lord's hand in all these things.  We set 3 baptismal dates last week, (ALL miracles) and plan to set a few more in the upcoming days.  It was perfect because we got to spend a lot of time finding for the first bit, which is why it was so boring, but now that tests are finishing up, they are able to meet with us. And I was able to set a record for most potentials in an area! YEH! hahaha. my trainee is still learning to talk to people.  All the people that are most progressing are friends of the peopel I talked to!!!!! it's crazy. They all bring friends to activities and then the friends get really interested, and then we teach them :) ayy! sadly, I'll probably be transfered after six more weeks. I don't know where they'll put me, but probably within EMP. :) It's such a fun area. I love the ward.

BIG boundary splits in a minute here.  They're rearranging all the stakes and wards and stuff so that the can accommodate all the asians that we want to baptize :) hahaha. I'm really excited because they'll announce the boundary changes during sacrament meeting next week.  hahaha.  Transfers in a few days, so we'll se what happens in a bit. I'm so glad they opened up this area.  Since it's doing so well, I think president will want to open up another EMP chiense area. hahaha.  YAY for all these chinese missionareis running around. We're almost as well known as the taiwanese missionareis. Anybody that we talk to will know the missionareis that sit at the bus stop and talk to everybody :) YEH! hahahahahaha.  I love it.

We started teaching a guy from china named Moses bahahahahahahaha. I still can't get over it. We just call him Moxi. anyway.  He has a bunch of word of wisdom problems, and so we're helping him with it. When we went to his house one time, he said that he was learning how to dance and stuff. so we asked him to show us, and so he did. it was so funny. he's SUPER skinny and was trying to shuffle. it was really funny. I really liked it. hahahaha. oh man. When I talked to him at the bus stop, he didn't say anything about dance (probably because I didn't ask him) and then BAM he can dance. so now we're really good friends. hahaha. He's so funny.  He used to smoke 10 cigarettes a day, but now he's down to 2. YEH!!!! PRAYERS! Sometimes it's really funny to talk to him though because he tries to joke around, but he's not really good at joking around so it just comes out really awkwardly. hahahahaha. The other day, we were talking about what he likes to do for fun, and then he said: I like to drink my friends.... BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.  He was intentionally saying that, but it wasn't really funny, but we laughed anyway.

OH YEAH! also, my companion fell asleep during personal and companionship study, so I got Elder Chen and Lee to try screaming at the tops of our lungs to wake him up. it was so funy. we filmed it, and I love watching it over and over again.  His face was so terrified. it was SOOO funny. I'll have to show it to you later.  oh my goodness.  anyway. it was a very spiritually uplifting thing to do. :)

sorry, I jsut was talking to a member from one of my previous areas that I haven't seen for a while, and nothat I'm back, I don't have much time left :( sorry. hopefully next time.

LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!! Happy halloween! and Jia you!!!!!

Elder Chen

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