Sunday, November 25, 2012


New transfer, new district, new zone! we're going to be on FIRE!!!!!! hahaha.  I'm really excited because Elder Hadfield is the man. I've always wanted to serve with him my whole mission. President is being really nice to me recently hahahaha.  I think he's made me serve around every single FOB missionary in the chinese program hahahaha. :P it's ok though. Hopefully my chinese has improved a little bit, but yeah... :)
Mom is so cooool! I was going through the pictures you sent and i looked at the picture of you and the missionaries and the investigators and I was thinking: OH MY GOODNESS Mom is SOOO cool. hahaha.  I wish we had crazy awesome people come through and help us baptize people. and yeah. :) I'm glad you're making lunch for dad. We don't really have anybody to make lunch for us, so we have to learn different things to cook or we get really bored of the same food :D YEH! WEET_BIX! it's that really gross cardboard cereal stuff, but it's really good for you. FIBER
Dad is the man! Keeping busy and saving the world. hahaha :) Hopefully I can be as hardworking as dad when I get home. speaking of which, my companion and I are SO tired all the time because we're always running from appointment to appointment.  We haven't really had a chance to go out and find any new investigators. meh. it's ok though.
Good luck with your tests Jeff! I know you're going to smash it like always :). 
Sister chen is a fireball! she's taking names and baptising people! YEH!!! hahahaha. She always sends me really short emails and she's my hero! I wish we had sister missionaries like her in our mission. the sisters here are.... different. gah. sometimes it's hard working with them.
Verina!!!!!! YEH!!!! We have a friend in common!!! MARINA!!! she always says that you're too cool for school. hahaha.  anyway. she keeps talking about you. :)
Jon! good luck with the ACT and school!!!! STUDY hard. so you can have bragging rights later :P hahahaha.  you better beat me. I know you can do it!
ok, so since today was temple p-day, (hence I email on wednesday) I took some pictures :D.  picture 1 is Elder hadfield and I at the temple. We're going to go crazy on this area. we already have! we're going to break the baptismal record for our zone... by ourselves! YEH!!!! we can do it... it'll be really hard, but we can do it. HOORAH!!!! :D hahahaha.  Elder hadfield is the man. He was one of my trainers from back in the day. and we've always served around each other. hahaha. From EMP, to the City, and now down in GOLD COAST!!! HAHAHA! I hope president lets me stay with him for a while.  He's the man. hahahaha.
ok, picture number 2. the greatest.  This is Isle of Capri! we're going to smash it!!! hahahaha Elder Peaua is the Tongan/newzealander missionary. he's so funny.  He's been out for about 8 months.  Next, elder Tobe.  the japanese guy. he's so funny. He started driving, and it was really bad because he is a really dangerous driver... and his license hasn't been translated yet so if he gets a ticket.... dun dun dun. hahahahaha.  oh noooooO! the other day we almost died like three times because he ran like three different red lights. like they were RED hahahahaha. but it's ok. the spirit is protecting us, so I'm not too worried.
Picture 3 is elder vea and I. Elder Vea is SOOOOO funny I love serving with him.  He's in my district so i get to do trade-offs with him, and it's so funny. I want to do one this transfer. I wasn't able to do it last transfer, but this trasnfer yeh! He's the one that says: It is better to die food than to die hunger. yep.  He's teaching me tongan now.  hahahaha.  He's really strong too, which is a little bit scary, but he usually doesn't get angry. and he's teaching me to do tongan dances as well! YEH!!!!!!! *head flick*
Picture 4 is! just random people from our zone. yep.  GOLD COAST!!!!! AW YEAH! president put so many really good missionaries in our zone so that we could start doing really well! It's the biggest zone in the mission and president wantds it to be the most productive zone as well.  All these missionaries are monsters!!!! hahaha.
WEll, this week was really crazy because we haven't even worked in our own area. hahaha.  The cool thing about being chinese is that we get to go wherever we want.  SO this week, we went EVERYWHERE! hahaha.  We've been working really closely with most of the ward mission leaders in our stake so they all know who we are, and it's so funny because they talk about how successful the chinese missionaries are and it spreads fast. hahaha.  We had 5 of the 7 baptisms from our zone. the other two were from the zone leaders. It got the ward missionaries really excited to do the work and so our stake is starting to get really involved. they really want to do well in this area.  I know the potential is there, we just need to work hard for a while.
This week, we started teaching this lady from beijing. she's a teacher here, and wanted to find a little more about religion, so she came to us. :) actually, we were teaching some of her students so she got ionterested and started talking to us. regardless.  we were really excited because she was supposed to be baptized on thursday, but then she goes back to china. so.... we're stuck in a rut and hopefully soon we'll figure it out. hahaha. One time We were on a trade-off when we taught her, and our zone leader was so impressed by how much desire she had to learn and gain faith.  she was so prepared before she came here.  she's just hesitating, which makes us so sad because we know the gospel is what she's looking for!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!
Speaking of trade-offs.  I don't like doing trade-offs because whenever we get an english missionary in our area, they just fall asleep in the lessons. hahaha.  when we went on the tradeoff with the zone leaders, my companion started just drawing pictures in his planner because he couldn't understand what was going on in the lesson. hahaha, he just told us that it was ok. for the trade-off review, he told me that he wasn't able to understand what was going on. hahahahaha. YEH CHINESE MISSIONARIES!!!!!!!
my companion just asked me how to spell continuing, but I don't know how to spell it either......
My english is getting worse. We keep working with these people that want to speak english or learn it and stuff, but we can't help them too much because our english is getting worse and worse. HOWEVER!!!!! One of our investigators told us that she was taught to write Yours faithfully at the end of formal letters. hahahahahahaha.  we thought it was pretty funny but maybe that's how we figure things out from now on. hahahaha.  so I might write to you: Yours faithfully.  I thought it was weird.
Well, miracle stories are verywhere, but I forgot to bring my miracle book, so I can't remember which ones I wanted to tell you about! hahaha. awkward. but its' ok. There's this chinese guy using the computer in front of me and I just read: Jia you!!!!! so. I'm going to jia some you! hahaha.
trying to read some chinese kid books. isn't really working too well, but characters will come with time :)
I hope you all have a fantastic week this week! We're going to have to work super hard.  THOUGH we've broken the record for member present lessons in this area already! :)  JIA YOU!!!!
Love, (Yours Faithfully hahaha)
Elder Chen

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