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Hello AGAIN! I can't believe it's already been a week again. I know that sounds like I've said that a lot. Yep. so it's actually almost the end of this transfer and then we're going to see what happens and who has to move where etc. So I guess I'll just let you know about the big updates so far. :)
OK FIRST OF ALL! here it is: A chinese unit is being started!!!! O.o WOOOH that's cool eh? well, evidently they called a new ward mission leader, a new set of ward missionaries, and then a senior couple to help maintain the ward! It's supposed to make the work go CRAZY hahaha. I'm really excited so we'll see what happens with all of it. Most of the chinese missionaries are baptizing heaps and so we'll see what happens in the upcoming transfer.  There is one area that isn't doing really well so all the chinese elders are trying to figure out what's supposed to happen now... hahaha. I want to stay with Elder Chen really bad :P hahaha. He's the man. and unfortunately I didn't get to take any pictures of his crazy faces... except for this one... let me see if I can find it..... found it! anyway. that was us counting in chinese... six and seven... but it was a really confusing moment because evidently chinese counting is different from taiwanese counting. I learned taiwanese counting from Elder Tsai and then Elder Chen is from china.... so we've learned not to do hand signs to indicate numbers. :P
anyway. We're still working with a lot of chinese students as usual. We were supposed to baptize two of them on sunday, but they stopped at the parents because they needed permision. it was pretty sad :( they were really cool and I think they could be fantastic members and a good foundation for china, but... yeah. I'm glad everybody has their agency though :) maybe some time later :P We sent some of them back to hong kong :) hopefully they'll be happy and hunky dory and stuff. :D
Mom's in Taiwan?!?!?!?! WHOA! Jealous. :P hahaha That's so cool that you're helping people peike. I bet you're the best peike ever! I love having members at the lessons.... sometimes. ONe time, we had a member tell our investigator that God didn't have any blood in his body, instead, he has eternal energy flowing through his veins. and then at the end of the lesson, he told them that there were two churchs: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the other is called the Church of the Firstborn....... :( anyway. that was just a random side-note.  Mom is the best!!!! You are so funny! All of the elders still think of you and think you're like my little sister :P at least not wife this time.

Dad is doing so well! hahaha, no wonder you're all so happy. Dad is like a doctor. Maybe, I'll Follow his example. :) That sounds like a good idea :D
Jeff is the man, good luck in school. take it if you need it. but you probably don't. because you're too smart anyway. hahaha.
SIster Chen is doing SO well in Taiwan. She's the coolest ever.  I hope I can be a missionary like her some day
Verina: YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUSIC FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!
Jon is the man. Keep up the good work. I remember EFY. it was fun. I hope you enjoyed it heaps. sadly I think your school is starting soon though :P hahahaha. I don't have to go to school. You're a JUNIOR! i hope you're wearing my clothes and stuff. I got that one student government jacket, so you better wear it. if you don't, that's fine, but do it. hahahaha.  it'd be good. It's pretty warm too. good for football game. THE MAN! Also, I had a member give me something for free that I want to give to you. hahaha, but I'll just look for a chance when somebody goes to america to get them to you. :) they might be a bit big for you, but you'll grow taller and bigger than me. what shoe size are you anyway? fun fact about being a missionary. When the members trust you, they give you a lot of funny stuff. I've gotten three hats, two pairs of shoes, two pairs of cleats, a nerf gun, cologne, etc. it's pretty funny, because I don't really use them too much :P
Now the other pictures. :) the first picture is me and my companion at a members house. there are a lot of Wong families here :P hahaha.  There's bro and sis wong #1, Bro and sis wong #2, and then there's sis. wong (Inv), and then the wong family up in brisbane zone.... it must  be a very common name... and they can all speak cantonese for some odd reason! OH yeah! EVERYBODY here speaks cantonese! Holy goodness. I told you about the investigator wong, but she is so funny. All these people from canton and hong kong. it's crazy. I'm not even sure what's going on half the time. therefore I boast not of myself. just kidding. But I've started studying cantonese! hahaha. the first phrase I learned was Neih wan bing go a!!!!! who are you looking for? bahahahaha. and also Neih gwai sing! Ni Gui Xing! hahahaha.  man it's going to be a long long long time till I can speak cantonese. there's this noise that we have to make and it's really weird. seiung.  kinda. Jeff can probably explain it to you. It's the way to say Xiang. hahaha. seiung... it kinda sounds like you're trying to say sing, but then your lower jaw just disappears halfway through. anyway. yeah....
The second picture is me with two hong kong boys. those two are so funny. we've been teaching lots of really young kids that are really crazy and these two are a little bit older than them and so they're much more mature. Anyway. when they started talking with us baout the other students they kept saying how annoying they were. hahaha.  One of them wants to be fat and the other one wants to get skinnier hahahaha.  they're the coolest. anyway. that's that.
oh, and fun fact: all the kids from china love garlic bread, and NINJAAAAA DESTRUCTION!!!!! YAH!!!! we helped with their sports day, and so I took a group and worked with them.  we played a few games and then last, we played ninja distruction. I created a new rule that was just for fun but worked really well. I told them that when they attack, they have to make a ninja yell. hahaha.  it was so funny because some of them are very dramatic with their attacks. hahaha.  one kid spun around and tried to hit my hand and i dodged it because it took him like three seconds to come around and attack hahaha.  anyway, they loved it and it was a lot of fun.
Finally that is the baptism of the most GOLDEN investigator ever. she is the COOLEST!!! the only thing is that she keeps changing her name hahahaha.  She showed us a bunch of pictures of her family and it looks like one of those super famous families from china! her dad is bald and looks like the man! hahaha, and he's always wearing white pants for some reason. maybe that's the fashion in china nowadays. hahaha.  Her mom looks like one of those chinese actresses. it was so funny because elder chen was like: woah! your family looks famous. And they might be, but I don't know... because she doesn't say anything about them!!! NOOO. and I'm not tell you her name.  :P well I can tell you the first few names she had, but they won't do any good: Monique, andrea, Lawana. hahahahaha.  so. yeah.
Another language that I've been learning is Tongan! I've served around asian fobs, and Tongans my whole mission. there is always a tongan in my district. ALWAYS!!! hahaha. anyway, I scheduled a tradeoff with one of the elders in my district and he was so funny. My favourite quote from him is this: "It is better to die food than to die hunger" bahahahahahaha.  I couldn't stop laughing because we were at KFC and I had bought 27 pieces of chicken and Elder Ormond had bought 9, and elder Wheeler bought 9. it was so funny. we dumped them all onto this tray and threw all the chips on there and it looked so funny. I'll take a picture of it next time... tongan people can EAT! hahahaha.anyway. Elder Vea told me that in tonga, if someone asks you to eat, and you don't eat, then you're insulting them... so.. yeh.... That's why I'm getting a lot fatter now hahahaha, but I don't really mind. hahaha.
This area is the greatest! I love it so much. We haven't been able to find at all for the past two weeks because we're just running from appointment to appointment and stuff. so yeah. It's the best! also, we report our finding hours and potentials to the zone leaders and we always have at least 1 potential, but we've had 0 finding hours hahaha. THe zone leaders were laughing at us because they told us that when we don't work, we still get results. it was funnier in the moment, but It helped me realize that we actually aren't doing the work by ourselves. when we put forth all the effort that we can, the lord pics up our slack and helps us finish what we need to do. Our goals have been crazy recently and I'm not sure how we've been hitting them. we've wanted so many lessons with so many investigators at church, but we still set goals to find many new investigators. and we always do it or surpass it. It blows my mind because I know that there's no way I could've done that, but then when we realize that the spirit is with us, helping us to do the work, then it actually makes sense! thank goodness for the spirit in hitting goals. Though some of our numbers are SO hilarious. they're a little ridiculous.  The funny thing with most of our investigators is that we've fellowshipped them with members and so we don't call them to come to church anymore. either the member will call them to get them a ride, or they'll call the member to get them a ride. :D that's the best part of missionary work. that's when you know that the members will help them stay active when they're baptized. hahaha.
well, I love you all, and hope you all haver the happiest time in the world because I am!
Elder Chen
ps. I hit my year mark on the 3 of August. :P hahahaha YEH! I IS OLD!

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