Sunday, November 25, 2012


Sorry I didn't email last week :( we had to go and pick up our trainees, and since my area is brand new, I had to go pick up a new phone, activate it, new area book, beds, etc, and he lost his luggage so we didn't have a chance to email. Don't worry, we were able to find his luggage eventually :) And now, we're all situated and happy in Eight Mile Plains once again :). So we're finally here and it's a brand new area. It's fun to start new areas, but I don't know if I'd like to keep it up. This is the third new area I've started :P hahahahaha. OH NO!

SO, my trainee's name is Elder Allan.  He's from Orem Utah. He likes to play rugby and other things. I'm not too sure. He evidently went to BYU for a little bit, but I was already on my mission by the time he started so I probably didn't see him. He's really excited to be out here and is willing to go out and work.  I'm really excited to be in this area. President wants to start up an asian branch here, but he eneds the man-power to do it.  He called an emeritus seventy to come down and work with us in trying to baptize as many people as we can. Especially the  brethren here so that there are going to be enough people with the melchezidek preisthood here to run a branch without missionaries having to fill most all of the positions in order to run it :P hahaha. I'm really excited to be a part of this whole thing!

The last week we were with hadfield, we said goodbye to a lot of our investigators and a lot of our members too, but I got the call that I was training tuesday night, and then wednesday morning we had to leave.... so yeah. Most of the ward didn't know that I had left and so now I'm here :D hahaha. It's good to be back because a lot of the people in this ward still remember who I am and the first night I was here, they had me come over for dinner. It was really good because my trainee hadn't been to a dinner yet and so he got to see his first one with one of my favourite members :D YEH!!!!!

Anyway, this week was a lot of finding because we have no former investigators, no referrals to contact, no potentials. Brand new area :D yeh! hahahaha.So I took my son to the bus stop and found for a LOOOONG time :D hahaha. The AP's gave us a challenge to find 20 potentials in three days and get one non-member to church with us on sunday with three days in the area.  SO we started out, and BAM. we got it! it was the best! We were able to hit the goal of potentials and had two of our potentials ready to go to church. We had prepared rides for them and everything, but neither of them ended up being able to come to church because of work but then, we got a referral from one of the people I baptized down in the gold coast and they came to church!!!! crazy!!!!!!! so we hit the goal because the lord was good enough to us to let us hit it :) we even taught a few lessons in our first three days. 2 member presents and 1 other :D hahaha, this week, we're going to smash it!!!!! :D hahahaha.

Well, to explain the pictures.

The pictures are: (I can't remember the order)

All the chinese missionaries all together. This is the first time in a long time, we've all been in the same building. That was at our chinese transfer meeting where we picked up our missionaries :D.  The enxt picture should be of me and Elder Allan with President and sister langeland.  The final picture is of all the missionaries in the eight mile plains ward :D hahaha. there are so many of us! It's crazy! I've never had so many missionaries in the same ward at the same time! GAH! bahahahahaha. There were nine of us at church and Elder Allan and i had the only investigators there! YEH!!!! We win :)

Anyway, this week was filled with crazy miracles. Coming back was crazy because I've run into all the people I've talked to before, I got invited to so many churches it was ridiculous and we found so many people :).  I had a lot of fun finding. It's so much different from when I started my mission. I remember long time ago, it was harder to talk to people and I'd never really get too far with things, but here, it's so much easier. I don't think the task is easier, I've jsut learned so much from other areas that I've learned to do it hte way taht the lord wants us to do it!!!!! Looking at my trainee, he is so excited but doesn't really know how to go out and use it! Elder Shi (my trainer) and I have been helping him learn and stuff, but it always takes time :)  THe other day, at the bus stop, we had an hour to find people.  Elder Shi got 2 potentials, I got 3, and he got 1.  We both made him feel really excited about it and congratulated him on finding, and so it helped him feel a little bit more comfortable. I must've been TERRIFIED to go out and talk to people :P hahahahaha.

Well, that was the update with me. :) I love being here, it is so much fun to be back in eight mile plains, sorry, the email was a bit short. The internet here is really bad and evidently they're starting some kind of internet job that's gonig, so we don't have too much time, but I'll write for as long as I can and then let you know how the rest goes :P

So, elder shi goes home tomorrow because he's finished completely! It's so strange. I started my mission with him in Eight Mile Plains, and now, He's finishing his mission around me in Eight Mile Plains! Crazy It was kinda trunky to be back here again, but as soon as I got to work again, I totally forgot all about myself and regained more focus. haha

Well, the other day, we were out finding at the bus stop and then I ran into this guy named Frank! He was the first person I taught on my mission!!!! I talked to him, got his number again, and wasn't able to set up a return appointment because he's super busy, but I was really happy to talk to him anyway.  It's ben a long time since I've seen him :)

Hmm... even though there've been two weeks, I don't really remember too much about what happened. I've just been trying to keep up and do as many things as possible.  sorry :P hahaha.  WOW, it takes a lot of different things to stay on top of things :P hahahaha.

Well, love you all! I hope you keep up the good work, I got the package with the german chocolate cake stuff, and baekd a german chocolate cake! it was good :) yummm.

Elder Chen

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